What To Do When Competitors Become Members/Fans/Followers of Your Pages?

By on March 2, 2011

You’ll find that there are a lot of business resources on the internet that tell you to follow your competitors, to keep an eye on what they’re doing 워드 프로세서 무료. They tell you to follow their Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more about their business plans Download maroon 5 maps.

There are several advantages of this of course – the main one being that you’ll know what they’re up to in real time. Social media has a way of letting competitors ‘inside’ the community circle, which is not always a good thing Download the smi file.

So what do you do when you begin to notice that a few of your main competitors have gone out of their way to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you. What if you notice their work email on your blog subscriber list Download Mastorider Wizard? They’re monitoring you! Here’s how you should handle it ftl 다운로드.

Step 1: Remember That Social Media is Not about Competition

We all like to see our direct competition as threats to our business, but the truth is – if you’re working with your social media on a daily basis, and keeping your reputation clean, they can’t hurt you 2pm Download my house. In fact follow them in return.

Social media is about sharing with each other, even if the person you’re sharing with is trying to steal your clients apple software update. The beauty of social media is that no one can copy your personality or unique value proposition.

Step 2: Keep Your Social Media Content in Check

In a recent post we discussed how important creating great content is for your social media pages Download roll gos. If you continue to stick to these rules, then you shouldn’t have any problem with competitors listening in on your community pages.

Make sure that everything you publish is open to the public, and never say anything that might give your competitors a little bit of ammo to use against you Android Push. Hay, we can’t all be ethically sound!

Step 3: Keep Announcements Close To The Release Date

Don’t start announcing that you’re working on this revolutionary product on your Twitter page, or your competitor will investigate it 2016 연하장 다운로드.

Before you know it, they’ve released the first version before you, and your entire product launch is ruined. If you’re going to announce something, make sure it’s within a week or two of the release date, so that they don’t have time to capitalize on your great ideas.

Step 4: Make a Point of Becoming Their Follower/Friend/Member

A foolproof way to keep tabs on your competitors is to follow them back. That way you’ll be kept in the loop about what they’re doing. On Twitter especially, use their own hashtag feeds to stay involved.

Never – under any circumstances – say bad things about your competitor’s business on their social media pages, or you could spark a war. It’s very easy for two rival companies to ruin each others social media campaigns.

Stay calm, and inform your social media manager to be wary of what they say in the public domain. If your competitors try to copy you – then you’re obviously doing the right thing! Instead of concentrating on bringing down your competitors, you should ‘friend’ them. Who knows – you could end up doing business together one day.

Has a competitor ever tried to make you look bad on your social media pages?
If so, what did they say? We want to know!

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