How To Conduct a Fan of The Week Promo on Facebook

By on September 12, 2011

Facebook is an excellent place to encourage community growth around your brand. One of the nicest ways to do this is through fan appreciation. Many social communities run ‘fan of the week’ promos, to stimulate further growth and interaction on a weekly basis. But how do you go about running a promo like this?

The Fan of The Week

Simply put – a fan of the week is chosen on a ‘weekly’ basis, that has contributed the most conversation on your Facebook page. These fans are key players in your community and should be appreciated. It also inspires some friendly competition between fans, as you give them some exposure if they win.

Understanding The Rules

Facebook has very strict rules on running competitions and promos on its platform. You may not run these promos using a Facebook-made app. So that eliminates all of the average Facebook features. Of course many companies do this weekly fan appreciation on such a small scale, that Facebook allows it.

In this instance, the community knows that there is an ongoing ‘fan of the week’ contest, and at the end of every week a Facebook update naming the fan is published. Short, simple and far more effective than you might think. Anything more than this, and you are going to have to do it through a third party application.

Facebook allows promos on third party apps, so use these to really impress your fans.

Creating a Featured Fan App

The most effective form of fan appreciation is when you spend some money getting an app made that really showcases your fan of the week. This is best for service-based niche businesses that would love the added exposure. The more you give them, the more your fans will comment and interact.

This can include a tab dedicated to the feature, with branding, design, image and video sharing capabilities. Choose your fan yourself, or get your community to vote for the best comment during the week. If you have a small budget, reward your fans with a prize – either digital content, or something you can send them.

You’re allowed to put up photos of the winner with their prize, which is great for future fan of the week prospects. There are a lot of great app development companies that will create an app like this for your business. Avenue Social, Appbistro and Involver are just three options you can look into. They often work to a set budget, so you can negotiate a price that suits you both.

Once your fan of the week promo is up and running, promote it on your other social sites. Do a blog about it, include a few tweets detailing what it’s about, and send out a memo to your LinkedIn community. If you have the budget – get a short video made that spreads the word, it’s a good investment in the engagement value of your Facebook community. Now you know, so start one!

Do you have any questions about running a fan of the week promo? Just ask us here, and we’ll do our best to answer it!

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