Connecting SEO and Social Media Marketing in Your Digital Strategy

By on March 19, 2020

Getting website traffic is one of the most important things for a business. Traffic is defined as the number of internet surfers checking out your website. The more traffic your website has, the more the chances of your products and services getting purchased.

Internet search engines are the primary source of your traffic since people use these to search for products and services that they are interested in. However, if your internet business is relatively new, your website may be among the thousands or even millions of other internet-based companies offering the same product or service Ms Office 2010 Korean edition. Since a search engine displays only a limited number of sites per page, and according to their ranking, your website may be buried on the last page.

Even if you are still new to internet marketing, you can do something to increase your website’s ranking by getting educated with this search engine optimization guide.

Understanding SEO and Social Media Marketing

Business owners of today are using both SEO and Social Media Marketing to generate more traffic from their websites and increase their branding to a broader audience. To know how SEO and Social Media Marketing help business owners, it is essential to first understand what they are:


SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is defined as improving a website’s search engine ranking through “natural” search results. An SEO services provider’s job is to make sure that your website increases its search engine ranking so that it can be more visible to your potential market 쥬얼리게임. Some of the activities that an SEO services provider does are the following:

  • SEO services providers have people dedicatedly working on your website who join forums and online discussion boards related to your site where they can choose to add a webpage link along with their comments.
  • An SEO service provider will also submit your website to the different search engine directories to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on popular search engines such as Google or Bing. Since most search engine directories do not ask for fees when submitting a website, submitting your site to more directories will increase your website’s visibility. The more links you have, the higher the chances for your page to rank.
  • Websites such as blogs are frequently visited because they offer new information regularly v3 무료 다운로드. Websites must update their content regularly so that their customers will often visit them to learn new stuff related to what the site is offering. Although you can create and publish your articles, it is the job of an SEO services provider to make sure that the materials being published have the relevant keywords or keyword phrases that will make your website rank high in search engines.

Business owners may use a search engine optimization guide to know what type of keyword or keyword phrases to put in their webpage content so that their webpages will be more visible to search engine users.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is making use of existing social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter to connect to a broader range of audience to build up your company’s brand, increase product sales, and drive website traffic. You can build up your brand by creating a unique social media page for your company and regularly publishing new and engaging content that your audience will find informative and useful windows 7 professional k 64bit 다운로드.

Social media marketing makes engagement with your audience easier.

Social media marketing first started when business owners share their content on different social media platforms with the hopes to convince people to visit their company webpages and hopefully generate more sales. However, the use of social media by businesses evolved from merely a platform to published content.

Business owners today use different social media platforms for various business reasons. Company owners can use social media to monitor customer feedback concerning their brand strictly. Business owners can also give reactions to good or bad comments 몰펀 가이드북 다운로드.

Social media platforms have also improved the way people can run their business online correctly.

  • Social Media Analytics.Social Media Analytics (SMA) is an important business tool to help business owners improve their overall branding using social media platforms. Social Media Analytics uses collected data from the different social media sites and analyzes them to make them ready for business owners for making business decisions. Some of the benefits that businesses can get from social media analytics are as follows:
  • It helps business owners understand their target audience Easy Clean free.SMA can help business owners in identifying segments of their target audiences who are interested in their products.
  • It Increases engagement and responsiveness.Business owners can use SMA to get a feel of customer feedback regarding their products or services. SMA will be able to analyze whether the feedbacks or comments concerning products are good or bad.
  • Discover product weaknesses.With the use of SMA, business owners can find out which of the products they are offering have negative sentiment ratings so that they can immediately address any problems.
  • Learn from the competition.Business owners can use SMA to monitor and analyze customer reactions and comments from competitors Download only on WiFi. With SMA, business owners may be able to determine why competitors are receiving positive ratings and may learn from the information.

Business owners who want to understand how the business is performing in terms of reach, engagement and sales can make use of the analyzed data using social media analytics (SMA).

  • Social Media Advertising. Creating a simple social media page for business is often free of charge. However, when you want to reach a wider audience, you can use the social media advertising tools of the different social media platforms. Social media advertising allows business owners to take advantage of the demographic information of social media users to target their ads appropriately. Business owners can target their advertising to users that are located within a specific geo-location. Business owners can also use social media advertising to target users of a particular gender One-touch. 

A business owner can reach a specific set of audience at a larger scale with the use of social media advertising.

Similarities Between Social and Search

There are three similarities between social media marketing and search engine optimization.

  • Both have a massive user pool. Most people will have a search engine and a social media platform as part of their default homepages. It is estimated that there are 5 billion searches per daybeing processed by search engines such as Google Free congering. On the other hand, there are around 3.8 billion users of social media platforms. Business owners who want to improve their business’s digital presence should make use of both the Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Guide.  
  • Both give people answers to questions.  The primary purpose of search engines is for people to get answers to when they type as keywords in the search bar. On the other hand, people who use social media platforms also want some questions to be answered, such as what is the current trend right now or which friends have commented on the latest posts and so on. 
  • Both can give customers brand awareness. Both social media and search engines can be used by customers to vet a company or product friends season 1 다운로드. People use search engines to check for customer reviews about a specific company or product. On the other hand, people can also view the company’s social media page and check for likes or different sentiment ratings about the company.

Where SEO and Social Media Can Work

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two digital strategies that vary in what they can offer business owners. However, these two strategies can complement each other, and business owners can use both approaches to strengthen the company’s digital presence.

Using both, search engine optimization guide and social media marketing may give your business higher chances of getting discovered by potential customers. When your business engages in social media marketing, you are getting the pulse on what social media users find trendy and fashionable. You can use social media tools such as social media advertising to know what type of content to put into your social media page and to target audiences based on their demographic data specifically. When your brand name becomes a buzzword in social media, you will get an increased flow of traffic to your webpage, and with it, possible increase in sales.

On the other hand, using effective search engine optimization strategies will allow search engine users to be able to find your company’s webpage on the first page of the results. When you are on the first page of the results, more people will click on your webpage, giving you more traffic and more chances of making sales.

Incorporating both search and social in your digital strategy will ultimately lead to higher traffic and higher sales.

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