Content Curation 102: Using Flipboard As Your Mobile News Engine

By on April 23, 2014

Do you struggle to find content that will resonate with your audience Download groovy?

For many, the question above will hit a pain point as you’ve tirelessly scraped the internet for interesting articles to share with your social networks 크레이지 아케이드 모바일.

Luckily we have had a lot of practice (and have spent a lot of time) putting together a content curation strategy for our own accounts and for those of our clients 인라이브.

Before you read today’s post, you will want to review our previous article, Content Curation 101, which will give you an important blueprint foundation on how to start curating content 나는 왕이로소이다 다운로드.

Now that you’ve established the essential basics with Content Curation 101, let’s dive into the next lesson.

Content Curation 102: Using Flipboard As Your Mobile News Engine

Flipboard is a personalized mobile magazine with a very nifty user interface (UI) 듄2000.

If you don’t already have the app on your smartphone, you can download it here for your device windows 7 ultimate k iso 다운로드.

After downloading Flipboard and signing in, the fun begins!

Finding Sources

Flipboard Content Curation Flipboard Content Curation

To find additional sources, click on the red Content Menu icon and either enter a search phrase or look through the different news sections Spectrum. Once you have found a magazine section you’d like to get updates for, simply click the bookmark icon to the right and it will now show up as one of your Flipboard tiles (pictured above) 파라다이스 로스트.

Flipboard Content Curation Flipboard Content Curation

Then you get to use the app’s coolest feature: Flipping through articles Download The Shared Gothic!

Depending on the device, just swipe up or down (on smartphones) or swipe left and right (on tablets) to flip through pages and sections.

Flipboard Content Curation Flipboard Content Curation

Social Sharing Made Easy

One convenient feature built-in to Flipboard is social integration and easy sharing capabilities 소설 필드.

For example, the article above by Ann Tran was shared on our Twitter account which you can connect to your Flipboard magazine to get a whole new Twitter experience.

Flipboard Content Curation

Within the article itself, you have many different options to share via Twitter or your other connected social media accounts. You can also queue the article to be shared in your Buffer stream!

One Last Tip…

Last but not least, it’s important that you sign up for a Read Later service such as Pocket or Instapaper.

This will allow you to save articles from Flipboard and quickly reference them or return to read them again.

Now You Have Content At Your Fingertips When On-the-Go

We hope that this article resonated with you today!

Be sure to bookmark our blog so that you don’t miss the rest of this Content Curation series.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then leave them in the Comments section below or send us a tweet to @SM_Impact.


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