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By on February 15, 2011

One of the most persistent problems with a great social media campaign, is continually succeeding in creating interesting, useful and relevant content to publish on your social media pages Download Hannibal Movies.

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In other words – how in the world do you always come up with brilliant content ideas to keep your strategy going Download StarCraft Rip? Even in Fortune 500 companies – slow news days can happen, ideas can run dry. And when they do repetition tends to rear its ugly head.


Think Like a Marketing Genius

So how do the pros do it Download the train route? How do they always have something incredibly funny, relevant, witty and fantastic to say on Twitter, their blog or on Facebook?

Well, first of all – they have one key factor that they use to make their campaign run more efficiently – a calendar Digimon Masters. It’s not a new concept of course, but one that many social media strategists somehow seem to forget anyway.

When you take things like holidays, special occasions, even important birthdays into account – suddenly your potential for creating relevant content increases Amazon Prime Music. That’s why you need to start paying attention to your calendar.

If you do, instead of mentioning that it’s Christmas in passing on Christmas Day, you’ll have taken advantage of the season itself, via appropriate content development Titus.


Time Your Best Sales to Coincide With Holidays

Run sales according to each holiday. Yesterday was Valentines Day – what did you do leading up to it to increase your online sales potential windows 8.1 with bing 다운로드? Do you think only retail stores in the real world need to paint their windows and hang little red hearts all over the place?

Holidays make people want to buy things iso standard. They are the eager salesman’s favourite days. It just makes sense to see these ‘occasions’ coming, and adjust your strategy accordingly – right 각시탈 게임 다운로드?

Open a calendar right now and mark off the holidays and the weeks leading up to them, according to hype. For example, Christmas is the big one, so you can literally spend all December creating Christmas themed content 블러디 로어 다운로드. For Valentines Day, a week before will do.


Fill Your Year With Relevant Content

Now add in the days you choose to have sales on your special products. Include the holidays of course, but also include other days, and the weeks preceding them. Suddenly, your year is looking a bit busier than you thought.

The best social media strategists take all of these factors into account when creating their monthly plan of attack. Sneak promotions into the weeks you earmark for specific sales, or when you see a big holiday coming up.


Use The Calendar To Make More Money!

Think like a poor man that owns a tiny shoe shop on the corner of a quiet street. You need to make sales – that’s why your social media strategy exists. Use dates, times and locations to optimize the way you sell to your public.

It’ll give you a head-start on you scheduled content for the month, and make adding in those excellent nuggets of industry relevant information that much easier.

Remember, to integrate these occasions into your plan, but don’t deviate from your main subject. Just spruce it up a little with festivity. Your community will love it, and you’ll end up selling more products or services – which means you’re on the right track!

Do you take holidays into account when planning your social media strategy?
Why do you think it’s important to include the holidays in your content? Tell us!

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