How to Create Engaging Images with Quotes

By on July 6, 2018

Quotes are a simple and effective way of delivering a message or an idea in an impactful fashion. For social media marketers, they act as sure-shot hooks to engage with their audience. An appropriately chosen quote provides an emotional connection and allows brands to engage on a deeper level.

Here are some tips for creating engaging images with quotes:

Tap into the Zeitgeist

For a quote to have an impact on the audience, the timing must be correct. Zeitgest is a German word that can be translated to “spirit of the times”. It refers to a force dominating the characteristics of a given epoch in world history. In other words, what is on your mind’s audience? By tapping into the mood of a time and understand this current “pulse”, your audience will resonate with your message and be way more engaged. Gaining such a deep understanding of the audience requires careful analysis of their online activities and views and opinions.

Hashtags can be a good source of inspiration on what is trending. Any phrase or discussion can be turned into powerful and inspiring quotes simply by attaching a relevant or trending hashtag. For instance, consider some of these examples:


The hashtag used by people who have been victims of sexual assault. Can lead to a discussion about respect and gender equality.


Posts related to a movement started in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Trigger discussions on racism.


For people living in vans, interested in self-sufficiency and freedom to roam around.

You can research what might be relevant to your brand directly on Twitter or via Trendsmap.

Listening to your audience

Not all quotes are created equal. Different audiences have different tastes, personalities, and aspirations. Hence, the kind of content they connect with and find inspiring changes from person to person. By employing analytics tools to back up your decision you’ll be able to tailor content to what is more engaging. Knowing what jives with your audience will allow to expand on certain topics and avoid others.

Sprout Social: With Sprout’s social media analytics, its possible to measure performance across different social media channels within a single platform. Having all of your analytics in one place makes it easier to track and compare your efforts across multiple profiles and compare the quotes that perform better.

Buzzsumo: It will not only show you the number of shares for each piece of content, but it also shows you which type of content performs best on each network based on length, type, publish date and more.

Pick a winning design

Either opting for a minimalistic design approach or something with more visual elements for your quotes, you should keep in mind:

Imagery: Pick a background picture that relates to the topic while keeping the text readable. You don’t wanna distract the reader from the main goal, the quote.

Design 101: Don’t forget essential design rules, such as contrast and alignment to make sure your quote image looks professional, clean and tight.

It’s about your brand: Make sure your brand elements such as colors and logo are used, so you will raise awareness to your message and increase your following.

Legible typography: Make sure the fonts already used on your brand’s visual identity (our previous point) doesn’t get confused with the background and are readable. If not, classic fonts such as Helvetica or Georgia are foolproof. They have tons of variations (Light, Bold, Extra Bold etc) and are timeless.

So here it is. With the above tips, you’ll be able to boost your audience’s engagement and create engaging images with quotes to pepper your content calendar. Enjoy!


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Leo Almeida is the co-founder of Quote a Quote, the easiest way to create engaging, eye-catching visual quotes for social media. When not skateboarding, he's playing beach volleyball in beautiful Barcelona.

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