Creative Strategies for Twitter

By on January 5, 2010

Bored with the same old Twitter strategy?  Are you looking for creative ways to generate business interest on Twitter?  Here are a few ideas for using Twitter in a new way Enjoy stop.

Twitter Chat

There’s an interesting trend going on that few are talking about – Twitter Chats.  The idea is that a group of people will gather together online at a specified time, and then tweet questions and comments around a central topic, theme, or question.  In order to group the conversation in a centralized place, participants use a hashtag (#) in front of a previously agreed-upon keyword Download Orbit All Bit.

This is a great way to answer some of your customer’s most burning questions (or at least try to), and get to know them a little bit better.  This can be pretty interesting if you work in an industry whose online presence is notoriously low (take plumbing for example).  Encouraging customers to log on and ask their favorite plumber a question can give you more than just a boost to online interest 드라마 라이프.

Follow A List

Enhance your networking visibility by electing to follow lists of industry people/companies you admire.  Many lists still do not have many followers, and choosing this option can make you stand out, and generate quality business relationships Download the Naruto game.

Set Up an Opinion Poll

Everyone’s got an opinion on something, and people love to be asked questions about what they think.  Pick a relevant, or quirky, topic and poll your fellow tweeps on their opinions dowd subtitles.

Ask for Their Vote

Another idea similar to an opinion poll is voting.  Ask your tweeps for their vote on any given subject business-related, or otherwise.  Have them vote on a favorite product or service of yours,  elements to be included in your next video (which color of shirt you’ll wear, the location, who you should interview, etc), or even what your next promotion should be Moonlight Sculptor 49.

What would you do to spice up your Twitter strategy? Leave us a comment!

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