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By on February 21, 2014
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How do I customize my Facebook page, you ask? There are loads of tools and savvy content techniques that can help a conversion-orientated small business social manager figure out how best to present their page to fans 슬랩파이트. Today I am taking you through ten customizing tips that will help you build a unique presence on Facebook.

A customized Facebook page should be brand specific, and must communicate who you are, and what your company does Navy. It should also offer them a lot of value.

#1: Customize your cover photo for sales! This is prime sales real estate, which means that you need to use it to support whatever you are selling 수능완성. Facebook changed the rules a while back so you can directly promote here, with text and images.

#2: Customize your tabs for engagement 무장쟁패. Yes, it may cost you some financial investment, but it can really boost your like count, and your fan interactions so why not? Apps like Tabfusion and Vocus allow you to create your own tabs in Facebook, and they can be anything from newsletters, to unique competition tabs Download the linengine.

#3: Use a tool like Pagemodo. This tool allows you to customize your cover photos inside a tool (for sizing), customize your tabs AND schedule your posts all from one place 닥터후 더빙. If you are looking for free contact, contest or poll tabs this is where to get them.

#4: Use a tool like Tabsite. Tabsite lets you create just about anything for Facebook – from countdown timers, images, video and sweepstake widgets to RSS, content, code, and form builder widgets Excel Viewer free. The more tech-wise social manager will appreciate this one.

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#5: Use shortstack to create an ebook Facebook tab, where you can place your high value ebook for sale 신청서. Either a direct click to buy, or a URL will work.

#6: Put some great slideshows on your Facebook page, by including them in your tabs or adding links to Slideshare on your wall 어택기. If you cannot use video, this is one alternative.

#7: Use Woobox to create some interesting sweepstakes and promotions on your fan page asp webshell. Anything from coupons and contests can be built from this app software.

#8: Your actual Facebook publishing strategy should contain 80% engaging content and 20% direct sales. Make sure that your main sales item is pinned to your page.

#9: If you want to attract attention to a specific post or piece of content, don’t forget to use the full width option to stretch it across your page. It will attract browsing fans.

#10: Use lots and lots of images and micro-infographics. These get the highest sales conversions on Facebook so make them count. In a strategy that is made up of posts, all of them should have images – no stand-alone text updates will convert.

Use these ten great tips and you can finally say, “I know how to customize my Facebook page!” Whether your page is part of a short term campaign or a long term strategy, the two most important elements will always be your five star real estate cover areas. Learn to harness these for high volume sales and you will create an income asset for yourself on Facebook.

Which of these tools do you find most useful? I would love to know.

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