Dawn of The Mini-Blog and How It Will Impact Your Content Strategy #Blogging

By on January 9, 2014

What in the world is a mini-blog? If having to blog and micro-blog wasn’t enough – there seems to be a new player on the scene. Mini-blogs are popping up all over the place, so today I am going to discuss what they are, and how you can use them as a social marketer to strengthen your content strategies across all media platforms.

There is some confusion over whether these mini-blogs are actually a longer form of micro-blog. Because of current definitions limiting micro-blogs to 200 characters or less, they simply cannot be categorized this way.

What Is a Mini-Blog?

A mini-blog is being used more and more by social media marketers to take advantage of platforms like Google+, Facebook and some of the rising curation platforms like Storify, Scoop.it and RebelMouse.

A mini-blog can be defined as a short, ‘key-points’ blog no more than 150-200 words (about 1300 characters) in length that delivers instant information, opinion or introduction on a specific topic.

Where Are Mini-Blogs Being Used?

Mini-blogs are being used on several platforms, though they are still relatively new so there is no clear name for them yet. Mini-blog is what most social marketers are calling them. They are those ‘longer’ posts that you see – and they nearly always try to drive traffic somewhere.


Courtesy of rebelmouse.com

• To a longer blog post on the same topic
• As a summary of a blog post that you have written (promotional tool)
• To a story or blog on another person’s site (the mini-blog will contain opinion on it)
• As an introduction to new products or services
• As a neat, small post with an infographic or micro infographic
• As a self-contained mini post inviting long discussion
• As a self-contained mini post delivering a direct answer to a question

Why Should I Care About These Shorter Blog Posts?

We are entering the age of the mobile phone, where reading is a little more difficult than usual. It has been proven that shorter, targeted content is preferred on mobile phones, which is why these mini-blogs are gaining ground.

Users don’t have to scroll down repeatedly to access information, or they can get the ‘feel’ for longer blog posts without having to read them. These are also shared widely on Google+, Facebook and Twitter – and they make for interesting series posts in slideshare.


Courtesy of facebook.com

A collection of several mini-blog posts can explain the main points of a subject – and be easily inserted into a platform like slideshare to create another high value content piece. They also make for incredibly versatile supportive pieces of content that can upsell and cross products, without too much time investment.

I believe that mini-posts will burst onto the scene this year, as these bite sized blogs fill a need in the content market for fast, easy, highly sharable information.

Why do you believe that mini-blog posts are an easier way to share with your social fans?

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