Does Social Media Promote or Harm Real-Life Communication?

By on March 24, 2020

Per Internet World Stats, today we have around 4.57 billion+ users who are using the Internet today, and a majority of the population belongs to Asia and Europe. As per the same source, we have around 7.79 billion worldwide population. So it will not be wrong to say that in 2020, approximately more than 60% of the users are using the Internet today.

From these 4.57 billion people, as concluded by Statista, around 3.725  billion people stay active on social media platforms 세 사람. So the below image tells that what these audiences do on Internet and social platforms:

Also, you would be amazed by the fact that Gen Z spends at least 3 hours per day of their time on social media platforms.


So, looking at the above events from all trusted sources, it would not be wrong to conclude that social media and the Internet have changed the way we spend our time. Thus, we can conclude that Social media, mobile phones, and the Internet are omnipresent in each aspect of our life.

From October 2018 to October 2019, a study by Hootsuite says that the total social media users grew by 328 million Download Holding Five. One prominent reason for this increase in social media usage could be the ease of communication it renders. It also provides seamless options to interact with other people around us.

But with this ease, do you think social media is really promoting the way we communicate or is it harming real-life conversations?

The answer is that the benefits of using social media for business have come with a price to pay c# html Excel.

Let us first uncover the positive side and the ease which social media has brought to us.

How Using Social Media Promotes Real Life Communications?

To answer this question, let us first consider the reasons why people tend to spend more time on social media platforms:

  1. Social Media Brings Convenience

From reading news on online channels to finding out which car is about to launch, and from planning a new trip to ordering groceries and online shopping, social media apps offer the right convenience.

  1. Social Media Offers Effective Communication

Now with Facebook and Whatsapp, voice calls and video calls, reaching out to people is easy, quick, and cost-effective 건쉽배틀 다운로드. All you need is an active Internet connection, and the world is accessible.

  1. Social Media Offers a Platform For Activism 

As per astonishing research by Pew Research Center called as the “Activism in the Social Media Age,” hashtags were used around 17,002 times in a day alone on Twitter.

With the trend of hashtags (#), be it a consumer, citizen, or youth, one can express their thoughts on social media platforms. It has given a voice to all those who earlier used to give up on things. From campaigns like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter to #IndiaFightsCorona; one can come on social media platforms and put their views in front of masses

  1. Social Media has Modified the Normal Way of Living

Earlier, alarm clocks played a crucial role in waking us up, and a newspaper in hand was a morning routine python opencv 다운로드. However, now our way of living is different as we are in the era of smartwatches, smart TV, and smartphones. Also, with the emergence of social media apps, eCommerce and social media buying is the new trend.

When it comes to work life, almost every organization uses emails, social media channels, and smartphones as their way of communication.

Thus, looking at the above factors, social media and the Internet has changed our overall lifestyle and way we communicate with our friends, families, relatives, peers, and acquaintances Wavepad.

With all the good aspects of social media communication, let’s point out the flip side of what social media has knowingly or unknowingly brought to us.

How Social Media Is Harming Real-Life Communication?


If we do not go too far and see how things were in the past two decades, life was simple and everyone after their work hours used to sit together, have dinner, and watch a single channel on TV. However, this is not the case anymore.

Nowadays, it is more common for us to cherish artificial bonds, and actual friendship is very limited 9와 숫자들 다운로드. With over thousands of connections on LinkedIn, we hardly have a few relationships to whom we can rely on when the time is tough.

Intimate bond has been replaced by addictive nature, and we are busy decorating our virtual world. Thus, social media creates a massive hurdle in real-life communication. It is one of the significant reasons for creating differences between family, friends, and relatives.

American Academy of Pediatrics warns about the ill effects which social media can bring to teenagers today Download textbooks in the future. It also points out alarming concerns related to cyberbullying and Facebook depression.

Another research also highlights that the more frequently we check Facebook notifications, comments, and likes and the more we stay active on social media channels, the more unsatisfied and lonely we are.

With the growing popularity of social media communication, we have forgotten to stay socially active, attend social events, interpersonally meet someone.

Nowadays, we are also less aware of who stays next to our door. Thus, a vigilant use of social media can reduce most of our hurdles today Download Roboka Poly Season 3.


To Conclude

We have discussed some of the pros and cons of social media channels. Looking at the consequences, it is essential that one must wisely decide their priorities and refrain from making social media surfing as a persistent habit.

To start with, just monitor your smartphone usage, go out, interact with friends, and enjoy the crispness of real-life communication windbg 다운로드.

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