Domino’s Pizza and Kodak Uses Social Media Creatively

By on December 29, 2009

Every once-in-a-while we like to look at what other businesses are doing on the social media front, and recently there have been two that have caught our attention:  Domino’s Pizza and Kodak Download msdn 2008.

The first is Domino’s Pizza, which has created a whole new campaign called The Pizza Turnaround Better Translator program.

Here’s what we like about it:  they took time out to listen to their customers and focus groups, swallowing some tough criticism along the way.  Then, they went back to work, recreating their pizza from top to bottom, documented it all in a short movie, and posted it on YouTube as well as their Pizza Turnaround site.  Right now on their Twitter and Facebook Fan pages, people are  talking about the new pizza recipe and Domino’s attempt at recapturing some lost customers.  Domino’s made their social media presence a little more interesting and have given people something to talk about – now whether or not it pays off for them is something we’ll have to wait to see Download Nicodong mp3.

The second social media effort we find interesting is Kodak’s latest push.

With a company blog, a couple of Twitter sites, a Facebook page, YouTube and FlickR channels (and more), Kodak is pretty much all over social media.  While they’ve encouraged a lot of customer participation before, particularly over this past summer, they took it a step further over New Years Eve 신세계 앱피스.

Kodak posted a request on their blog, encouraging people to email them a snapshot of themselves (or their family) that would then be placed on Kodak’s big-screen in Times Square for ten seconds at a time, up to six times from December 31st, 2009 until January 31st, 2010.  Once approved, each participant would receive a number to text with a specific code, allowing them to choose when they wanted to be shown on the Kodak big screen.  While it’s still a bit early yet to be seeing how the response was, from the comments posted on the Kodak blog, it may have been a pretty popular move 파워볼 분석기.

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