Don’t Take Your Social Life Too Seriously

By on July 21, 2014

Picture this, you’re right in the middle of a Netflix-binge of your favorite show or jamming out to your favorite playlist on Pandora. Suddenly, just as you’re getting into what you’re watching or listening to it all goes silent. And after a slight pause, you hear a loud voice telling or showing you the benefits of the newest “this” that is so much better than “that” and that you should buy right now Download High School Musical 2. And just as you roll your eyes and you’re about to hit the button to leave that station, something clever or funny causes you to pause and stop to watch or listen. You start to laugh to yourself and think that this ad is almost more enjoyable than what you were doing in the first place!

Don’t Take Social Too Seriously

Well, the same goes for social media, don’t take social too seriously Download The Girl Wizard Parfait. I know this concept may seem a little basic or “common-knowledge,” but it is surprising to see some brands not using social as an outlet to be authentically social. What makes our everyday social life exciting is when we tell jokes, share interesting stories, and showcase our sincerity and likability. So our content on social media should feel as authentic as our everyday conversations do 아크로니스 트루 이미지. So in an effort to give some helpful tips, and remind you not to take yourself too seriously, here are some strategies for adding some lighter-hearted content to your social media.

1.       Be open about who you are. Take the time to fill out the ‘About’ section on every social media site that you have an account for Download kmsauto net.exe. But please don’t just copy and paste your ‘About’ page on your website. This is a brand’s opportunity to show some personality while a social media user reads more information about what your company does or sells. So be creative. Maybe telling them what you sell isn’t even necessary, and if so you can be even more creative in my opinion. Of course linking to your website is appropriate, but make them feel like you are relatable, even though you are a corporation Friday 13th. If you need an example of this, please visit Coca-Cola’s Facebook page because I believe they do a phenomenal job with this and other aspects of social media. 

2.       Everybody Loves a Comedian. This is a high-risk tactic, but when used correctly it can be so successful. Be funny! Try to include images and videos that are appropriately funny wherever possible Ms Office free. If your company just created a brilliantly hilarious commercial or magazine ad- share it! If, for example, I’m browsing my home news feed and I see the clever and funny Friskies Dear Kitten video then I am definitely going to share that with my cat-loving friends, and quite possibly my entire list of followers/friends. Everyone loves a well-timed and truly funny joke, so well-timed and truly funny content tends to do well on social too.

3.       It’s always good to know when to laugh at yourself 토마토 증권 통. And now building on the comedian skills, brands should start to become more open about actually laughing or making fun of themselves. Those who can do this well will have amazing feedback on social! Deep down inside users know that the companies that they follow on Facebook are often times multi-million dollar corporations. When people are able to see these companies have the guts to poke fun at themselves, their reactions are usually amazement followed by outbursts of laughter and enjoyment Download the La Ravel Framework. My best examples of this come from this year’s Big Game and many companies striving hard to post in real-time on their social media channels. A few seemingly “drunk tweets” from JC Penny went viral with retweets and favorites being shared amongst followers and non-followers. Because the game was uneventful at best, many people kept up with the account- sure that it was some marketing employee who had too much to drink, would probably publicly apologize, and be fired days later 다운로드. But no, just a little while later JC Penny revealed that they were merely “#TweetingWithMittens” and making many typos. The posts blew up on social!

4.       Care about the customer brother printer driver. Customers today know that if you want to get attention from a company- take to social media. Whether your review is happy or unhappy, you’ll get more attention and support from the other customers posting too, creating a buzz that you never could before on the phone with customer service. And customer service representatives have to be careful with how they handle these situations, especially when a customer is unhappy. But please, no more automated customer messages! Being aligned with your legal teams is something that is necessary, but an unoriginal post just saying “we’re sorry you feel that way” isn’t going to solve the problem. I loved taking a look at an AT&T account recently and I think that they do a fantastic job with all reviews. They don’t ignore good reviews, and they’re posts sound genuine when they thank a customer for the positive feedback. And then when a bad review comes up, they address it immediately by apologizing, saying they are determined to fix it, and asking if the conversation can continue over email or by phone. In some of my past experience, I have even been told not to respond to negative comments on social media. That’s a practice that no company, big or small, can afford to employ.

Of course all of these tips might vary on a case-by-case basis, but all are important things to consider when developing an authentically creative social media presence. At the end of the day, people use social media accounts in their free-time to catch up with friends, watch a funny video, or perhaps to share a story about their day. If brands want to be included in the conversation, they have to stop being so serious.

Any other strategies you’d like to share? Let me know by commenting below. I’d love to add a few more helpful hints to my list!

About Lauren Austin

Lauren Austin is a Social Media Associate with BKV in Atlanta where she has gained experience working with clients such as Southern Company, Delta TechOps, and Dell SecureWorks. She is an alumnus of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Public Relations from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Along with her passion for social media, Lauren enjoys writing, dancing, and frequent visits to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

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