Effective Ways for Using Social Media to Boost SEO

By on April 13, 2018

If you are of the opinion that SEO and social media networking are two entirely different concepts and are not interconnected at all then you are very much mistaken. Effective social media marketing would be driving customers to a website and effective SEO practices would be helping those customers to find the website and stay engaged. If you are wondering how to leverage social media networking for boosting SEO then you could try out theways mentioned below for effective results.

Attract the Right Followers

Social media followers are similar to the links in the world of SEO. The number of followers is not as important as the quality and the right kind of followers relevant to your business. You need not buy these followers. You need to build a robust social media presence consistently and keep encouraging users to go on following your web page to avail VIP offers, special discounts, etc. If in general, you offer good quality content you would find an increment in your overall following. A good qualityand large social following could be culminating in a boost in traffic and definitely higher quality traffic fetching a greater return on investment.

Build Your Unique Brand

You are not supposed to share content simply because you felt like sharing. On the other hand, you need to make sure that whatever is posted on your site would be reflecting your company’s core values, vision, and mission. Also, you need to be cautious about one thing. Do not go overboard. You cannot make all your posts overly promotional.

You must share engaging articles and pictures relevant to your clients’ business or specific industry for grabbing the attention of everyone browsing through their feed on FB. This surely would be having an entertaining perspective. However, you could be posting ads with the main intention of getting clicks. It implies that the bigger your specific brand recognition seems to be and the more customers find you reliable and trustworthy, you are bound to receive a definitely bigger share of clicks on your paid ads. When you get a greater number of visits from the social media platforms, you would be getting a higher ranking on the SERP. Seek professional assistance from reputed SEO specialists such as Tayloright.com for best solutions.

Engage Effectively with the Local Community

Search engines are interested to determine how well you seem to be engaging with members in the local community. It is essential to reach out to your local community utilizing the effective social media platforms.  Be sure to update your accounts without fail, whenever your business organization is promoting or is connected to some sort of a local event. You may use live videos or pictures of the local event and let others know via the social media platform. You may consider posting and commenting on their social media networking pages and remember to encourage them to post and comment on your social media accounts. You could look for guest blogging opportunity and consider sharing the best or most popular posts.


You must realize that you need to make the most of social media if you want to do SEO right. It is just not enough to have your own Twitter or Facebook accounts. You need to utilize them effectively to gain more and more high-quality relevant followers, generate useful links, engage locally, and build your image.

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Maria Jones has been in the domain flipping business for about a decade now. She is pretty thrilled with her career. She has recently taken to blogging and is happy to share some critical information and effective tips. She advises her readers to seek professional assistance from reputed SEO specialists such as Tayloright.com for best solutions.

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