How to Establish Long-Term Connections with Micro-Influencers

By on March 8, 2018

Due to a variety of factors, the internet has an influence on marketing development. Digital marketing depends on fast-changing technologies, so many digital techniques expand fast. For now, marketers can’t use traditional advertising techniques, as customers don’t trust brands. Thus, marketers need to invest in user-generated content as it’s an alternative way to authentically promote their brands. For instance, influencer marketing has evolved from a marketing tactic to an essential part of marketing strategy over the last two years.

Nowadays, collaborating with opinion leaders helps to enter an already-established community to deliver the marketing message without spending much time, and seeking out influential leaders isn’t an option. However, it’s not just about promoting with the help of top-notch celebrities, it’s about working with common people. These people, also known as micro-influencers, impact their following as they are experts in their field.

While most small businesses find it difficult to reach out influencers, they can rely on micro-influencers as they don’t get as many offers when compared to bigger accounts. There are many reasons to lay a bet on micro-influencers in 2018, and establishing long-term connections with them is a must. Pay attention to statistics:

  • It’s a way to build trust: micro-influencers are especially concerned about authenticity. (Bloglovin Global Influencer Survey)
  • It’s cost-effective: 84% of micro-influencers charge less than $250 per branded Instagram post. (Bloglovin Global Influencer Survey)
  • It helps to boost sales: 74% of the micro-influencers have affected making purchase decisions. (PMYB)

If you want to perfect your influencer marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you can establish long-term connections with influencers. And here comes the list of ways how to do it:

  1. Know Them Well: people crave authenticity, and you should learn to avoid cold influencer outreach if you want to build long-lasting connections. Don’t be afraid of spending time on finding out more about a potential influencer: name, hobbies, views, and values. If you know an influencer well, it’s more likely he will love to collaborate with you.
  1. Build Trust: an individual approach to every micro-influencer is an actionable way to establish relationships of trust. For example, don’t hasten to send your offer. Instead, start communicating with an opinion leader to grab his attention first. You can spend several weeks liking and commenting on his posts before sending an offer for collaboration. The more you communicate, the more influencers will trust you.
  1. Engage with Micro-influencers: most influencers want to see likes and comments as a proof of their good work. If you want to maintain long-term connections, don’t try to like posts with your brand mentions only. Engage with a micro-influencer and help them to boost engagement, and they will remember you.
  1. Compensate Your Collaboration: first of all, you need to look at things from an influencer’s perspective. While marketers know what they want to get from opinion leaders (posts with tags), we rarely think about what we can give back. As influencers spend time and effort, they should be compensated. No matter what you choose to offer, whether money, branded freebies, or cross-promotion, it helps to build loyalty towards your brand, show that you care about your partners and their needs.
  1. Communicate Privately: commenting on a post is good. When you communicate via Direct Messages (DMs), that’s even better. It means you don’t want to attract other followers’ attention; it also means you’re taking care of a micro-influencer. And it may lead to a partnership and friendship.

When you’ve established long-term connections with micro-influencers, you can collaborate with them on future projects, and bring better results.

The Bottom Line

Influencer marketing is booming, so more and more marketers try to collaborate with opinion leaders to promote their brands. Thus, it leads to a competitive environment where marketers need to stand out from the crowd and attract influencers’ attention. The development of any relationship takes time and effort, so letting your partners go is a mistake. If you’re looking for a proven way to maintain relationships with micro-influencers, don’t stop communicating with them once they have published a post about your brand. Keep nurturing your relationships to invest in the future, and you will see that the payoff is huge.

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