Event Recap: BloggingCon 2013

By on October 16, 2013

This past Saturday, several of us at SMMU had the opportunity to take part in Dan R Morris and Crystal Collins‘ Blogging Concentrated workshop which took place at The Work Spot – a unique (and vibrant) collaborative workspace located in Historic Downtown Duluth, GA Download Fashion King!

This one-day blogging event covered a variety of topics geared toward advanced level bloggers looking to improve their sites by doing things “better, faster, cheaper, and smarter.”

Here’s a quick recap of BloggingCon from our perspective as well as from those we had the chance to meet and learn with at the event 윈도우 7 프리셀.

Blogging Concentrated 2013

Democracy is alive and well! As attendees enter the event room, we got to exercise our right to vote for the topics of choice throughout the day 워드 파워포인트.


As Dan and Crystal introduced themselves to the group, we made sure to follow along with the #BloggingCon hashtag and started to notice how active some of the users were on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Moonlight Bount!

Key Presentation Takeaways

The 80/20 Rule

The first subject Dan discussed was his spin on the Pareto Principle or the “80/20 Rule.”

The goal is to figure out which 20% of our blogging efforts create 80% of our revenue 클립 후커. To do that, you must first find out how much money you are making from each visitor. Then, focus on the key blog categories that serve the customers best… and whatever makes you the most money Office 2019 64-bit!

Always write to the mindset of the audience – never guess because it takes away from what your readers are really searching for.


Crystal said that,”Branding isn’t about logos, it’s about consistency 슈퍼파워 2. The sense that people have about you that’s been created over years and years. Use words that tell people who you are all about. Everything that you do needs to focus on your branding.”

Humor is usually a memorable way to grab people’s attentions and Crystal suggested that “entertaining people ties in to creating a loyal following and educating them at the same time.”

SEO + Keywords + Keyword Research

What is your audience ready to purchase Karma?

Keywords are important for one reason: Leveraging Search Engine Traffic. While search engine traffic is not a requirement to be successful, Dan points out that when you are monetizing with AdSense you will want to target commercial keywords (think: something that can be found on Amazon).

There are several ways to conduct keyword research, such as scanning magazine headlines and ezine articles in your niche or performing simple Boolean string searches on Google. Some tools that can be helpful to test out: Brainstormtools, Market Samurai, and Wordtracker.

Marketing Calendar Blueprint

“When you know where you’re going, you can keep the audience interested and excited and guide them along the path.”

A marketing calendar allows customers to forecast the benefits, therefore, they are more likely to stay in the program/hub.

Dan & Crystal have created a great Marketing Calendar Blueprint to help plan out what content you should be writing about in the future.


Use Google Trends, pop culture, and seasonal events/holidays to research topics and themes to write about. A best practice that they mentioned is to forecast what you will be selling in the future, and pre-sell it by subtly introducing that type of content before it’s scheduled in the calendar.

Learn More

Today, we could barely scratch the surface of all the topics and information packed in Dan & Crystal’s 9-hour Blogging crash course!

At SMMU, we also offer an in-depth 6-session Business Blogging course online to help you maximize your blogging efforts.

If you’d like to learn about additional tools and blogging strategies from Dan & Crystal such as Best Practices for AdSense, using eBooks as marketing tools, and much more, then see if Blogging Concentrated is coming to a city near you… and don’t forget to stop by The Work Spot if you’re ever in Atlanta!

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David entered the business world as a marketing intern at NanoLumens – an Atlanta tech startup that provides unique digital LED signage. While interning for the company, he found a particular interest in content marketing, social media, and visual branding. After completing the internship, he began his professional career with iFusion Marketing working with Atlanta tech startups. In 2013, he joined SMMU as a blogger, copywriter, and social media manager. Connect with him on Twitter @Dav1dAhn.

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