Exceptional 2012 Social Media Predictions

By on February 24, 2012

The year is still young, which means social media predications are on the rise. What will 2012 offer for small business owners and marketers? What do the trends indicate Ghost Ship? Everyone wants to know what they should be looking out for this year. That’s why today, we’re launching into some exceptional predications of our own Download The Rogue King txt.

Eight 2012 Social Media Predictions

• Facebook will continue to be a site for social interaction, while Google+ moves towards becoming more of a business network 너를 만나 mr 다운로드. Our prediction is that Google+ will be an invaluable business tool this year.

• The growth of content networks will be a big one in 2012. Businesses will realize that to efficiently impact their target demographics – they have to spread out and be highly visible on a number of sites 피망 맞고.

• Content production. Because network growth will increase, the need for original or curated content will also increase. Smaller brands will find it tough to keep up with the demand – so plan for a content windfall this year ipad youtube 다운로드.

• Youtube videos will become ten times more important this year. Small businesses should be creating and posting their own videos to keep up with larger companies that are trying to seize the market share again Download Lenovo Vantage.

• The impact of applications will become prominent in 2012, which means that all small businesses should invest in one. Even if it’s small and basic, it’s a value added service that you can’t pass up to stay competitive 타임가드.

• Small business owners will begin to see the value of having mobile versions of their online sites created. Optimizing for mobile is critical in 2012, as mobile marketing, applications and ad spend will skyrocket this year Autocad 2010.

• Email will make a comeback, but only if marketers learn to integrate it into their social strategies in 2012, with socially driven email campaigns, brands will be able to build their lists faster, and get more repeat visits and sales Download Microsoft Office 2016.

• Twitter will become less of a social network this year, and more of a business tool – just like Google+ 아이튠즈 12.0.1. Its growth in the B2B sector will largely be thanks to the new changes that Twitter has recently made on their site.

A few other fearless predications have been that Apple will buy Twitter, because it needs to secure a greater social presence. That Google will shamelessly use Youtube to re-launch the failed Google TV idea, and that new sites like Pinterest and Instagram will grow exponentially – largely to a declining interest in the larger sites.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the realm of social media this year. While many of these predictions may already be coming true – we’ll see their full impact as we edge towards August. Some marketers have already predicted the end of Twitter or the decline of Facebook.

The only way to know for sure is to keep reading. We’ll watch out for any news that arises and keep you informed.

Any 2012 social media predictions you’d like to make? Add them to our list below.

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