Exploring The Latest Facebook Group Features

By on May 20, 2011

Facebook implemented their new groups feature at the end of last year, but it’s still evolving and becoming more ‘business’ friendly dialux. Facebook has been working overtime to make the platform user-friendly for people that want to manage their social life and their businesses from one place 매직 아레나 다운로드.

With the new groups on Facebook, you can now collect smaller communities together for individual (and private) chatting, discussion or messaging 구글 플레이스토어 다운로드. This is excellent for businesses that have been looking for a way to interact with specific clients on Facebook, without the entire world seeing what they have to say Download the radio era now. Let’s explore some of the latest features of Facebook groups.

#1: Group Your Community Together

Unlike fan pages, if you already have these friends on your personal or business profile, you can add them to your group Download iPhone App Store data. If they don’t want to be there – they can opt out. What this essentially does is, it allows you to segregate clients, JV prospects, influencers, friends and family e알리미 다운로드. A nifty little feature is that anytime anyone posts in that group, everyone is automatically notified.

#2: New Questions and Polls Feature

Groups can now contain the new question and poll feature Facebook rolled out recently Mx master. This is an excellent way to gather market research, or to get to know your group a little better. The best part is that because groups are smaller, tighter communities with a more direct focus than a ‘page’ in general – you can really target appropriate, relevant questions/polls, and expect more of a response 큐베이스 크랙.

#3: Add Entire Photo Albums To Your Group

One of the most irritating issues with the old groups was that whenever you had more than 1 photo to post, you had to do it individually Download Mr. Shen Shine Episode 1. Now, Facebook allows entire albums to be posted. Because they are posted in streamlined groups, you’ll probably get more comments, tags and interaction Download War of the Bells! This was a great fix by the Facebook development team.

#4: Privacy Means More Conversation

There’s nothing worse than having to watch what you say because it’s not relevant to other people on your page. When this happens, communication is strangled, and the people you could be interacting with go silent. With the new privacy features in Facebook groups, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! When you post in your group, only your group can see it – no one else. Finally, free speech!

#5: Group Send Buttons Change Sharing

The send button is an excellent group feature, as it allows you to selectively send links to specific people – even to one person. The potential for business in this one single feature is huge. Imagine receiving an inquiry from a client stating that they want to know how much a leg wax costs? Simply send them the promo link in your customer group. It’s completely private.

These features will continue to change Facebook, and make it a great platform for doing business. Why don’t you create a group and test it out for yourself? There must be many creative things you could do with such user-friendly features.

What is your favourite Facebook groups feature and why? We want to know!

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