Is Facebook Advertising Worth Paying For?

By on September 2, 2011

You’ve heard the rumors that Facebook ads are a waste of time. Google PPC ads are still way more effective – doubly so, in fact. Then why are companies all over the world steadily expanding their Facebook advertising budgets architectural panel? What exactly are you paying for when you buy a Facebook advert? And is it really exactly the same as Adwords? For once and for all – are Facebook adverts worth paying for 바이블 웍스 9 다운로드?

The Not So Shocking Truth

You already know that social presence is fast becoming the centre for all exposure and sales on the internet Download the train sound. People are pulling away from the traditional website, and instead replacing them with social profiles. One business will have a real presence on several large social sites Download Jurassic World 2 Fallon Kingdom. People interact with them and in turn they sell things to the people. Not so complicated, except for the inherent value we’re missing here.

Because of social trends, it is far more valuable to be prolific on Facebook (i.e 천애협로. have a great Facebook page) than ever before. Some emarketers would even say it’s necessary. Sales on the internet is changing rapidly. A business once had to try and attract customers – but not any more Free download of MovieMaker. Instead, with a shiny social profile, all of their clients will find them. The better the profile, the more money they make.

So you see, it stands to reason that businesses are in a flurry to try and build their social profiles 고구마마켓 다운로드. What has this got to do with Facebook ads? Facebook is the mother of all social network sites Download the shared Gothic webfont. No Facebook business page can function without a decent community to chat with and market to. This community must grow all the time. And it’s a FACT that 75% of brand ‘likes’ on Facebook come from Facebook ads 언터쳐블 배인.

The moral of the story is that the success of your Facebook ads are directly proportionate to the success of your marketing strategies on your fan page Download the SpongeBob Theater edition. Google PPC campaigns might drive more traffic to your website – but are they really making those sales you need? For every person that clicks on your Facebook ad and decides to ‘like’ your page – well, that’s a real investment.

Creating Social Currency

Introducing a new fan to your Facebook page exposes them to your marketing methods, your attempts at social engagement, your community. You are introducing a new person into your social sphere, and increasing your social currency. Social currency is the information shared on your page that encourages further interaction. There are a few other definitions as well, but this one is most relevant to this context.

When you pay for a Facebook advert, what are you getting?

1) More exposure for your Facebook page.
2) More likes, and a larger community.
3) A new fan that will promote – identity, affiliation, conversation, utility, advocacy and information. In other words increase your social currency.
4) Direct sales from your Facebook ad.
5) An increase in repeat business from that individual fan.
6) A boost to your overall social profile.
7) As a result, greater sales in the short and long term.

Can Google Adwords give you all of these? Nope. So to answer the question – are Facebook ads worth paying for? It’s a resounding yes, now more than ever. Facebook adverts are for everyone looking to increase their Facebook community and enhance their overall social profile. Use them like the pros do!

Do you use Facebook adverts to promote your fan page? We’d like to hear about your experiences with the ad platform. Leave a comment for us below!

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