Facebook Fan Page Changes That Will ROCK YOUR WORLD

By on March 1, 2012

The changes have finally arrived! After months of speculation and waiting, Facebook has finally revealed the new brand fan pages. The format has completely changed, and there are several other new announcements that they’ve made about their ad platforms Easily download youtube. One thing is for sure – we’re in for a big adjustment!

New Fan Page Timelines

You’ve seen the timeline changes on your personal profiles – now say hello to the same format on your brand page Youth 98! This changes your entire Facebook strategy and effectively eliminates a lot of functionality, that used to be part-and-parcel of the old format. But what does this mean 레볼루션 다운로드?

It means we’re entering the age of extreme-social.

It’s been happening rapidly over the last several months, fueled by Google’s networking philosophy, Youtube changes and Twitter updates Download the Rails file. Now Facebook has revealed their plan – no more junk sales nonsense. It’s all social, all the time. In other words, your new profiles are meant for real time interaction, not for contrived marketing messages, sales and stagnant promotion 짱구는 못말려 극장판 26기 자막.

• Custom set tab features will become extinct, replaced by better apps
• This means no more landing pages, but it does mean great app potential
• Can’t use your cover photo for promotions of any kind
• No more contact details in your profile photos
• No more asking people nicely to like your page 슈츠 시즌1!
• No more calls to action

Basically Facebook is sucking the sales poison out of your fan page, and replacing it with you. Real time interaction, customer relations and brand identity, culture and management Download the movie Kara. That’s it.

Advertising Super Punch

Facebook giveth and it taketh away. In this instance, Facebook is aggressively ramping up their advertising potential Ms Word free. Lucky us! Facebook announced yesterday that there are a lot of new places and things they’re doing with ad space.

• News feed ads from brands you or your friends like
• Ads on the right hand side that aren’t so much ads, as updates and info
• When you log out of Facebook – guess what fport 다운로드? More ads!
• Ads will show up in your Facebook mobile news feed

This new functionality is excellent for brands and page owners. It allows you to get free ad space in user’s news feeds if they interact with you often, or you can pay for a variety of different spaces to maximize your ad efficiency Download hp pc driver.

All in all, Facebook is making serious in-roads on this ‘extreme-social’ idea. It looks like you won’t be able to force people to buy, or trick them into buying, or misuse your Facebook page for blatant promotions. And that’s the way it should be. Facebook is about interaction. It’s ALWAYS been about that.

Enough with the shock and awe already! This is a good thing for brands that have done what we’ve always recommended – focused on their fans. For everyone else that has relied on sales tricks to get this far, time to make some changes.

In the meantime, set up your new business fan page timeline. Make it personal. According to Facebook, it will help propel your brand into another social dimension.

Do you like the new fan page timelines? Tell us why you love or hate them right here!

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