Facebook Highlights Feature: How To Use It Now and in The Future

By on May 15, 2012

The Facebook highlight feature is back in the news, after its smashing debut with the permanent timeline changes recently. The highlight feature may be more important than we anticipated – so in the spirit of sharing, here’s how to use it now, and how you might be able to use it in the future.

What is The Highlight Feature?

You’ll notice when you’re on your timeline business page, that there are two little button options on the top right corner of each new post that you publish. One is the ‘edit or remove’ button, the other is the highlight feature!

What Does it Do?

When you click on the highlight feature it spreads your page post across both areas of your timeline, instead of fixing it on the right or left of your page. This is great for important posts, announcements, promotions or a new photo album that you’ve uploaded.

How Can I Use The Highlights Feature?

• Use the highlights feature to draw attention to images that enhance your business. They could be product images, event images or personal profile images. Use these images to give away incentives, or run a competition.

• If your business has a lively Youtube page, your highlights section can come in handy to attract more views. Simply post your video, do your write-up and highlight.

• If your questions posts are longer than normal, and you haven’t been receiving many answers, use the highlights feature. More prominence means more answers.

• Done a great infographic recently? Draw attention to it with the highlights feature. Make sure that your intro line is attention grabbing, and let people know it’s something you’ve done for your business.

• If you have a product launch coming up, this is exactly what you need to trump up some hype for the launch. It’s also fantastic ad space for direct sales. If you have an online-store, you’ll want to use this space.

• Transform a highlights post into a mini Facebook forum. Use your questions post, or create a discussion topic of your own, and get your fans to chat there with you!

Expert Tip!

I’ve seen several timeline pages choose to highlight all of their posts, to make them easier to see, and to offer a simplified version of their timeline to their fans. Great idea!

What’s New With Highlights?

As I mentioned earlier, highlights is back in the news. Facebook is testing a ‘paid’ feature, that will allow timeline owners to pay for guaranteed views or placement. In other words, you pay a few dollars to have your highlights post seen by more of your fans, in their newsfeed.

This is great news for small businesses that need to attract more interactivity on their timeline pages. Simply pay the amount via Paypal, and your post will appear in your fan feeds automatically – something that would only happen after a few likes, comments and shares in the past.

I’m not putting too much stock in the rumors that Facebook will eventually become a paid site, all this is – is Mark Zuckerberg giving the little guy more opportunity to get their brand out there. More news when an official announcement is made.

Will you use the new $2.00 highlights feature?

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