Facebook Market Like a Millionaire in 10 Day Cycles

By on February 13, 2013

The Facebook market is a game of trial and error, with top marketers earning a fortune from their specialized techniques and strategies. But how do you take advantage of these to build a solid Facebook strategy for yourself 한게임 윷놀이? By working in 10 day cycles of course! Today, I’m going to share with you just how Facebook marketing like a millionaire!

How To Facebook Market Like a Millionaire

A smart marketer on Facebook that is not out to quickly and easily make money using basic Facebook marketing strategies, is able to focus on long term techniques instead eagleget 다운로드.

These long term techniques on how to Facebook market pay off, and result in higher earnings directly off the platform Download The Jellyard. I’ve worked with many wealthy customers – and they do things a little differently. You could learn a thing or two here!

The secret is to manage your strategies in 10 day cycles Download The Radeon Driver. It works a little like this:

Step 1: Focus on a marketing strategy
Step 2: Test the marketing strategy on Facebook
Step 3: Give it 10 days to have an impact
Step 4: Collect and analyse data
Step 5: Make improvements and start at step 1 again Download the sound of the dog!

The Facebook market is ever-changing, and while this formula may seem basic it has a lot of working parts to it. For example, if your main goal is to increase the sale of an item from your product website, the strategy will work like this 영화 메가로돈.

Step 1: How can you Facebook market this product to gain more traffic?
Step 2: If you decide on video advertising, set schedules and create content
Step 3: Publish to Facebook every day, multiple times in different ways
Step 4: Measure the analytics data and record results
Step 5: Redo your video campaign using the improved results…

…if video X received more fan likes for example, create more videos like it java 7u80 다운로드. These cycles are simple to use but devastatingly difficult to maintain for the average business person. This is especially true if you need results now – because money is a concern 마이크로소프트 오피스 2007 다운로드.

But millionaires should NEVER worry about money. They focus on the processes that result in excellent returns. That’s why they don’t skip steps, make mistakes and end up making more long term money in the Facebook market than other people Talk Ben.

Some Marketing Tips For Facebook

• Wealthy Facebook marketers only promote their absolute best content, that has already received lots of comments, likes and shares 아이 로봇. It has a higher impact on people – especially on Facebook mobile – because it is already popular. The more likes you have, the more you’ll get.

• The Facebook market can return a lot of negative results. Facebook marketers know that promotion to fans is good – but not promoting to friends of fans is important too. It excludes negative feedback from your page.

• Only ever ask people to perform one SIMPLE action. More than one call to action makes the task hard, and people will not do it. Add in one solid call to action that is so simple, quick and easy – people can make it happen in 1 or 2 seconds.

• Upload your email or subscriber lists to Facebook if you’re using Facebook advertising. You can target existing buyers by taking advantage of the custom audience function in the ad backend.

The Facebook market will always be a tough one for independent business owners, looking to make their fortune on the platform. But if you stick to single strategies, tested properly in these 10 day cycles, you’ll find that your marketing techniques boom, along with your sales!

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