Facebook Marketing: 10 Creative Tips to Try This Holiday Season

By on October 30, 2018

This year’s holiday season is fast approaching, and most businesses are already starting with their holiday preparations, including how to tap maximize sales during this time.

A lot of marketing strategies that are geared for the holidays are up and about. Some of these that you should make sure to tap are those that involve Facebook – a tried and tested marketing platform that can bring about your desired results, especially around the holidays.

Here are ten creative Facebook marketing strategies that you can help you make the most out of the 2018 holiday season:

1 Civil War. Use holiday-themed visuals

Dressing up for the occasion is very important. This is applicable to marketing strategies that you are launching this time of the year. To be able to tap into the festive behavior of your customers, it will help if you set the right mood for it, starting with your visuals.

There should be an abundance of Halloween or Christmas-themed visuals in your Facebook marketing campaigns. Complement great content with visuals that work best during the season.

2. Share a sweet story for the holiday season

It is a bright idea to touch the hearts of your customers through inspiring stories Download onedrive files. Doing this will put your brand in a good position in the minds of your customers, which has a significant effect on how they perceive your brand, and will most likely lead to a more positive attitude towards your brand as compared to others.

Find a creative way to share this story such as by posting a high-quality video. Doing this can indeed bring about the most potential in utilizing this strategy.

3. Utilize key dates to produce better

Specific dates have a more significant impact than others Kaiji. During the holiday season, put more weight on dates preceding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, as these days naturally command more significant opportunities.

It is also a good idea to put your data to work and check your business’s performance at the same time in the previous years and centralize your marketing initiatives towards activities on these dates.

Come up with Facebook ads that help promote these key dates, and the activities you have for the said dates such as special discounts 같은베개 다운로드.

4. Run a poll to your followers

Polls are used mainly for their practicability, and their effectiveness in bringing about the desired results. Polls are very straightforward, allowing you to directly obtain the answers you need, as compared to strategies that try to beat around the bush, or those that need a thorough analysis.

Many different polls are used during the holiday season, and the limit is your creativity. Simple polls can be used to get the answers to simple questions, but these generally bring about less action Windows 10 illegal.

Holding polls on Facebook is an easy task to do, but having to craft a creative survey may be a challenge. Make sure to centralize on efforts that allow you to tap the potential of the holiday season.

5. Hold a holiday-themed photo contest

Holding photo contests that focus on the holiday is a good idea. Photo contests, in general, are very engaging Apple CarPlay. Adding in holidays to the mix can make the photo contest even more fun to participate in.

Make your photo contest work more in your favor by involving your products, or your brand. You will be able to obtain user-generated content that you can use to your benefit. You will also be able to engage your customers effectively.

There are also many ways for which you can reward your winners which includes free products or having them featured on your Facebook page. Also make sure that you communicate this activity to your customers through various channels, including Facebook so that you can have a lot of participants 인시디어스.

6. It’s the season of gift-giving: have a giveaway

True enough, this is the best time of the year for you to conduct giveaways not only as a way to reward your loyal customers but also as an effective marketing campaign. There is no question that your customers would adore the free stuff, and this will incite customer engagement.

Communicate your giveaway initiative through Facebook, and you would feel its impact. Craft an excellent strategy that can make your giveaway something to look forward to, including selecting the right product or service as a giveaway.

7 터키어 알파벳. Share or create a festive video

Further, tap the festive feeling around the holidays by coming up with videos that focus on the upcoming celebrations. Videos are highly engaging, and drawing the right kind of videos can bring about amazing results. It is also recommended that you make use of Christmas songs for your videos, further improving the efficiency of this strategy. Then, use various channels to share this video, including Facebook Download The Three Kingdoms Hero Hogirl.

8. Create a sense of nostalgia

Tapping into your customers emotions is an excellent way to leave a positive mark. There are strategies that you can implement on the side of the users, such as having them share holiday photos, videos, and other posts in the past, and promote a sense of nostalgia.

Capitalizing on nostalgia can help you connect with your customers. Attached customers are more likely to behave positively towards your brand as they would with others 파워빌더 9.0. Use Facebook as the platform where you can have your customers do just this, then reap the benefits.

9. Donate to charity

To further show your brand positive light, you should be active in giving back to the community, such as through charitable donations. You can then feature this activity on your Facebook page so that your users would see what a great business you are, and why it is a good idea to do business with you instead of other options.

You may also invite your customers to participate in this initiative so that you would be able to provide an even larger charitable service than you could do alone.

Some of the best recipients for charity are hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes, and schools. A small act of kindness can bring about a lot of positive returns to your business.

10. Go Live

You may also choose to utilize Facebook’s live function. This is especially great if you are holding an event such as a Christmas or New Year party, where you can virtually invite your customers. Just make sure that there’s some benefit that your customers can get by viewing your live feed such as giving out prizes in random slots during the live feed. Or, have the viewing itself as the reward, if for example, you hired a great band, performer, or a celebrity, then share the experience with your customers through Facebook Live.

Maximize your Facebook Marketing this Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner so make sure that you boost all your marketing initiatives, especially on Facebook. There are many ways for which you can do that, and 10 of the most effective methods are listed above for your benefit.

Implementing the right strategies can help you to maximize the benefits of the holiday season.

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