Facebook Mobile Advertising: Should You Be Interested?

By on January 23, 2012

Facebook mobile advertising may be coming soon, to a phone near you. The question is – will it be worth the investment? In the coming months, Facebook will be rolling out yet another new service, but marketers want to know how much of an impact these ads will have, should they choose to invest in them curriculum. Today, we investigate Facebook mobile ads, and their true worth.

Mobile Advertising is The New Online Advertising

You can see the instant appeal of mobile advertising – it’s widespread on games, apps and via sms cplay 다운로드. Facebook has been thinking about launching its own brand of mobile advertising – sponsored stories that will show up in mobile news feeds. If you own a smart phone, you already understand just how powerful this could be cadpower.

Millions of people have the Facebook application on their phones. They are directly notified about new posts via their instant messaging system Administrative Standard Code. If Facebook goes ahead with their sponsored news feed stories, this means a whole new world of targeted advertising, direct to the users eyes – in the most personal way possible Download the Mobizen screen recorder.

Facebook Ads VS Google and Apple Ads

But will Facebook be able to sell their ads, in light of the giant mobile networks that Google and Apple have been involved in for years 360 클라우드 오프라인 다운로드? The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Even though Google currently holds 24% of the mobile market, and Apple holds 15% – the world’s largest social network has a lot to gain by entering this mobile field v app.

Imagine a mobile network that has direct access to 800 million people, according to preferences and settings. Marketers will be able to zone in on potential customers, and reach out to them in an exclusive manner 그랜드종합주석 다운로드. People are already in ‘interactive’ mode when they scan their news feeds. This means more clicks must be in store.

Should I Be Watching Out For Facebook Mobile Ads chinese textbooks?

There are a lot of new technologies and platforms being launched this year, but Facebook mobile advertising is definitely one you want to keep your eye on Why do you download it with me out there. Early adopters will no doubt experience an unprecedented response on their adverts. Whether these responses will convert into sales, is another story. One thing is clear – CPC ads cost you a little more, if you want results.

Facebook has been unable to comment on this new plan that they have, to launch a mobile ads network. It seems to us, that they are approaching the new enterprise very carefully, in case it goes belly up, like some of their more recent pursuits. Perhaps, we’ll see Google integrate PCP adverts into Google+ timelines in the future, and see Apple launching their own social network.

They all seem to be converging into the same fields, to dominate the social sphere. Facebook earned nearly 90% of their income last year through advertising, so if they launch mobile ads this year – they’ll definitely experience a large leap in their overall annual income. We can’t wait to see what creative ideas the Facebook team will come up with, to make ads attractive to Facebook marketers!

Would you use Facebook mobile ads? Share your opinion with us, in the space below.

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