Facebook Moves into The Twittersphere: Vine vs. Instagram

By on June 18, 2013

With June 20th just 2 days away, it’s clear that nothing can stop the coming video functionality to the Instagram platform. Will Instagram video be able to challenge Vine for supremacy 할리퀸 기도? Today I’m taking a look at what Facebook is trying to achieve by expanding the successful image editing and sharing network.

The Two Platforms in a Head-On Collision

Officially, this is just a rumor – but as we have all learned, when Facebook provisionally leaks something, it’s all but bound to happen 돈키호테. So, Instagram – the image editing and sharing service that Facebook bought for a cool $715 mil last year, may risk their excellent image capabilities to allow for new video functionality Download Kaspersky 2015. It’s a risk Facebook is willing to take.

But WHY? Why ruin a formula that works, when the end result could be a disaster?

  • Vine stats have proven to Facebook that millions of people love using the 6 second gif-based video network 적과 흑 영화.
  • Gifs are like images, except they move a little…for about 6 seconds. This means users can browse gifs like images – a powerful business tool in the making Crimson Peak subtitles.
  • Facebook is not about to hand the gif market to Twitter. Initially Vine was called Instagram for video, now Instagram will actually have video…so technically Facebook has the right to reclaim the idea plex 다운로드.
  • Moving pictures attract the eye and deliver strong messages, quickly. Facebook is looking for a way to increase their ad revenue. This is an ideal opportunity 침대렐라.
  • People don’t see Vine as a ‘video-app’ they see it as a moving image app. Imagine the marketing power of images, but with more room to make a good impression wpf toolkit 다운로드!

So you can see why Facebook is moving into the gif field. Instagram photos are still the most popular thing since sliced bread Pentaho. While only 13 million people use Vine, some 100 million people use Instagram – a built-in user base ready to destroy Vine at a moment’s notice all&g.

Now imagine if these 100 million people readily adopted Instagram video! Facebook would hardly have to bat an eyelash to guarantee its success. Best of all, nearly overnight, Instagram video would be the big name on the block, not Vine.

But what about the innovative Vine, you might say? Well, technically they turned the humble nineties gif into a video app. The person really losing out here is gif creator, Steve Wilhite – who created these moving images in 1987.

Looking To The Gif Future

Instagram already has users uploading 40 million images a day. If Facebook can add 6 second videos to that, it will help everyone using the Facebook platform. Business pages will be able to harness the power of Instagram video for marketing, and their fans will love it. Personally, I think the more creative the better.

Engagement is what we want, and Facebook is giving it to us. Another excellent move, Facebook team. Now we just have to wait and see if they’ve stuck to the Vine formula, or if they’ve outdone Vine completely. In a few short days, we’ll know for sure!

Will you take the time to use Instagram video, along with your usual photos?

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