Facebook Save: Marketers Weigh In

By on July 23, 2014

This week, Facebook is introducing Save, a new feature that allows users to bookmark items and check them out later when they have more time. Only the user can see the items, unless they share them with friends Youtube 자막 다운로드.

Users can view the items they save by clicking on the “More” tab on their mobile device, or by clicking on the left hand side of Facebook on the web 워드 2016 무료. Saved items are organized by category. Occasionally, users will receive reminders of the links they’ve saved.

We asked marketers what they think of Facebook Save Download the sl-m2675fn driver. Here’s what some of them said.

Save Extends the Shelf Life of Content

The “Save” feature is a very positive step in the right direction for user experience and advertising Download tabloids and dreamradios. Up to now users have had to capture content as it passed through their newsfeed. People tend more and more to skim Facebook only doing a deep dive when a piece of content really captures their attention, and when they have time in that moment Birth of The Mystic Apartment Ghostball.

However often there is a piece of content that people would like to sit back and take on board. We think this is true for advertisements on Facebook too Rhubarb. Enabling users to “Save” ads extends the shelf life for the advertiser and should increase effectiveness of campaigns, and it gives users an extra filter not to miss an offer, product or piece of informative content many ads are promoting Download Fashion King.

– Charlie Ardagh, CEO, PropelAd

Save Allows the User to Take Control of the Flow of Content

It’s always hard to say what effect a new feature will have without a period of data to back up any assertions 윈도우 7 프리셀. However, based on what we at Screenpush see in user behavior trends, this is a great feature. There is so much information overload online, that any feature allowing a user to take control of the flow of content, by saving it for a time when they can properly engage with it, is a very positive development 워드 파워포인트. In turn, as it relates to marketing, this allows for a new call to action for users, inviting them to save this piece of content for later, giving them a choice as a social consumer Moonlight Bount.

– Josh Otten, CEO & Managing Partner, Screenpush International

Save Makes Business Prospecting Easier and More Seamless

It’s about time Facebook came up with this feature. With the popularity of Pocket and other bookmarking apps, I’d think they would have added this sooner. Will it change the way I do marketing? Probably not. Although I do believe that the Save option will allow my prospecting to become easier and more seamless.

– Kamila Gornia, Business Coach

Based on the feedback that the Social Media Impact editorial team has received, it would seem that marketers are on board. To the dismay of some, marketers won’t be able to access analytics that illustrate how often their content is Saved, nor will they be able to target ads to saved content.

Save will be available to everyone on iOS, Android and the web over the next few days. If you’re already using the feature, let us know how it’s impacting your user experience as a marketer or consumer in the comments section. 

Image Source: Facebook Newsroom

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