Facebook Graph Changes, Glitches and Security Problems Explained!

By on July 11, 2013

Facebook Problems

Privacy and glitches are in the news again, as Facebook rolls out their graph search program worldwide. The new Facebook problem is that now all those little embarrassing things you thought were buried on Facebook are coming back out. Today, I’m going to talk about using the search tool, and limiting what others can find out about you.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

A few months ago Facebook was data mining on the platform, asking fans what sort of improved search functionality it should have Download Linux Wireshark. I remember mentioning hashtags, and an easier search system – both of which have now been implemented. It was the one area on Facebook that drastically needed work.

Graph search allows you to find out specific details about your friends – like what movies they have seen, where they have been and what they like 한국형 리듬. If you are just dying to know how many of your friends in California are vegans, Facebook will tell you. It’s monumentally ‘invasive’ critics are saying. But is it?

The Ethics of Facebook Graph Search

Facebook’s goal with graph search was not to allow weird people to find out intimate details about your social life Download korean subtitles. They meant it as a way for friends to get to know other friends better. By knowing what your friends like, you can enrich your social experience by discovering new movies, music and fun places to hang out.

This ‘common interests’ search tool focuses on 4 subsections – people, photos, places and interests. Is it an incredible resource for stalkers 아름다운 밤 mp3? Yes. Can it lead to identity theft and an increase in crime – probably. So why did Facebook bother?

How The Tool Works

Facebook Graph lets you find friends via these subsections. Over the past several months you may have noticed that Facebook has been trying to get you to enter more information about yourself into their site. This was specifically so that they could gather public information about you – including liked pages, addresses, check-ins, phone numbers and even relationship statuses Well download text notifications.

Oh no! Will the world end? No. Even though Facebook is using your publically shared information, they are leaving your private information alone. You may recall the old mantra, “NEVER publish anything on the internet you don’t want everyone to know about.” This is true here again. The trick that Facebook has played on all of us, is that we have been liking pages like crazy – and these form part of your public profile affiliate content.

The Embarrassing Results

A number of alarming joke sites rippled through the blogosphere recently, as funny searches were conducted and published online. Things like ‘married people who like prostitutes,’ and ‘employers of people that like racism.’ It has caused an uproar on the internet. Even though there will always be people who ignorantly share their opinions online, for most of us – we are pretty safe Download Yabeth's Prayer.

Facebook is not in the business of embarrassing their user base. This would be counter-productive. Instead they are priming these collections of public search knowledge as another advertising instrument, to eventually earn them revenue.

That’s right! It’s all the public shareholders fault again. Facebook is now profit driven, so while we get to enjoy new graph searches, teams of developers are working hard to turn this feature into a way to sell to people 용형호제 더빙. It’s to be expected, and could actually be quite efficient and helpful – if you keep an open mind.

No matter what, there is advertising all over Facebook. Graph search might give Facebook’s ad team a way to advertise to us on a more personal level – which means ads that we could actually USE to redeem coupons, discounts and other specials Download Eclipse kepler. It’s a win-win, if you don’t mind pouring more of yourself into a public search profile.

The Benefits of Facebook Graph Search

Aside from the pending advertising benefits (be honest, you love winning Facebook competitions from brands or redeeming great coupons) there is also the IMPROVED search, that people seem to be forgetting about amidst this privacy tirade.

More than ever before, you will be able to find important people in your life in an interesting manner. This is what search is all about – the experience 삼성 노트북 블루투스 드라이버. It’s a new portal, a window into the lives of people you love, respect and perhaps even dislike!

How Do I Protect Myself From This Search Villain?

Facebook has provided you with a complete list of settings that you have always had at your disposal, and this hasn’t changed. To adjust these to protect your privacy (which should already be done) follow these steps:

Terrified unprofessional photos of you will surface? Untag the photos you want to disappear from your life. Settings -> report/remove tag.

• Too many embarrassing posts from a few years ago during your bender days? Limit the visibility of your old posts. Settings -> Limit past posts

• Need to check on everything just in case? Settings -> review all posts and things you’re tagged in. It’s advisable to go through your profile anyway.

• Click on Who Can See My Stuff -> make sure it is on ‘friends.’ Then click on Activity Log to see a list of your actions, comments and posts. Check them out.

I found that I went on something of an ‘unliking’ spree which is what any sensible person would do at this stage. If you don’t want to HEAR from a brand, you should never like them. I know a lot of us like indiscriminately on Facebook, without much thought – but it’s time for that thought now. Remove old likes you don’t want associated with your profile.

There have also been problems with this update, and it has caused glitches across the site. Facebook has acknowledged and apologized for some of the more serious glitches, but is working to sort them out. They are the best social team in the world, the glitches won’t last long! This is everything you need to know about search right now, but I’ll keep you posted.

What is your opinion on the new Facebook Graph Search feature – invasive or not?

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