Facebook Strategies: How To Sell More on Black Friday

By on November 17, 2012

Facebook strategies round the festive season need to be perked up, as sellers go into super-sales mode. Black Friday is easily the busiest and most stressful time of the year for retailers and sellers. If your brand has a Facebook page, then you’ll want to learn how to make the most of it for Black Friday and the coming Christmas boom.

The Black Friday Rush

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas season officially begins 마커스워십 2019 다운로드. It marks the first day of the ‘shopping’ season when online shops and shopping malls are able to sell more products because of Christmas time. You’ve probably employed some basic Christmas Facebook strategies before.

But how do you prepare for the busiest shopping day of the year?

Shop.org has reported that they believe online shopping sales will balloon this year by 12%, to about $92-96 billion dollars in the US alone anthem accompaniment. It’s definitely time for some strategy!

Facebook Strategies: Page Design

Black Friday is coming, and you need to have all of your businesses best deals out there for your Facebook public to see. This is how to do it.

• Change your cover page to promote Christmas sales
• Change your description URL to specific sales pages
• Make your brand profile image fit your new Christmas design

Include the words ‘Black Friday’ in your Facebook strategies – it motivates people to check out your deal and specials – because there are often a LOT of good ones this time of year Download Internet Explorer 12. If you really want attention, use a ‘buy X and get Y free offer.’

Facebook Photo Strategy

As Facebook strategies go, you can’t go wrong with a bit of image advertising. It takes a few minutes to mock up an ad in Photoshop, or you can commission an affordable designer to create several images for you that you can use as advertising 브이앱 플러스 다운로드.

You’ll need to include a great sales pitch, loud red sales prices, and one or two special products per image. Then create a very alluring update to publish with the picture. If you get some great feedback on these specials leading up to Black Friday – spend
a little more and make your best image ad a REAL promoted ad on Facebook Download the movie cold.

Facebook strategies like this will work, especially if your goal is to get people to your sales pages. “Get a free 25% discount coupon instantly when you click this ad.” That works!

Facebook Strategies: Post Updates

Get into the habit of creating posts that tug on the heart strings Phoenixos. Christmas is about giving right? So create some great Facebook strategies that use the family unit, Christmas morning and smiling kids as an incentive to get your buying public to buy more.

Super Power Your Black Friday

If there was ever a time to leverage viral marketing, it’s now. You can improve your Black Friday sales a whole lot if you can get a video to go viral in the days leading up to Black Friday or Christmas Bachelor Return.

Facebook strategies like viral video can be the difference between a few thousand dollars, and hundreds of thousands of dollars that you could potentially make on that day. Use your Facebook page to promote a brand –orientated viral video that is entertaining, funny and that is worth sharing. It can make a big difference to your bottom line apache 모듈 다운로드!

Educate Yourself!

Speaking of Facebook strategies and bottom lines – if you want to learn more about how to increase leads, revenue and brand awareness, I have something for you today.

Sign up to my free webinar now, where you’ll get to experience a live discussion on 9 Facebook Strategies that you’ll need for this time of year, or any time of year 매지카복셀 다운로드!

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Otherwise, what Facebook strategies do you use to leverage Black Friday?

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