Facebook Timeline: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Revealed!

By on May 4, 2012

I’ve been raving about the new timeline now for a couple of weeks. What I haven’t made clear just yet, is the entire picture. What about timeline is awesome Arduino ide? What about it is terrible for your business? And finally, what parts are hideously ugly? Today we find out.

Facebook Time: The Good

What is the absolute BEST part about the new Facebook timeline 보보경정 다운로드? The page revival that Facebook has built in, thanks to their new reach generator advertising offering. The problem with engagement on Facebook, is that once people like your business, they never again return to your page 심장에게 주다. Why should they? They have a newsfeed!

This doesn’t always align with your business goals, especially if you’re trying to stick to the 80/20 rule of content publication 배경 음악 다운로드. People should be seeing your promos and deals all the time, but they can only do so on your new ‘sales’ Facebook timeline page.

Grab some of your most liked and chatted about promos and turn them into ads, with a link straight back to your Facebook page Download sigmaplot 13. Conversions can rise as much as 40%! Believe it!

Facebook Timeline: The Bad

Right now, the most pressing ‘bad’ thing about Facebook timeline is that no-one knows how to use it yet 네이버 블로그 동영상 다운로드. Then there’s the fact that Facebook owns everything you publish on timeline. Publish a fantastic slogan on Facebook first, and it belongs to them. While you will probably never be sued for it (Facebook is not that interested in us), it’s still a concern for celebs Download Sketch-Up V-Ray 3.6.

Then, the elephant in the Facebook room. People really, really hated it when it first came out, and aside from marketers that are catching onto the brand potential – normal users STILL hate it 윈도우10 xps 뷰어. Whether this will affect engagement on brand pages in the future is anyone’s guess. I’m going to carry on hoping that people snap out of it, and realize timeline is great Javafx.

Facebook Timeline: The Ugly

What could possibly be worse than the general public hating timeline? Well, the reasons why people hate timeline, of course 김용임 노래 다운로드! Popular opinion states that it’s mainly because every last terrible, embarrassing or horrible post you’ve ever made on Facebook has suddenly reappeared on your page. And timeline was not optional, it was forced upon you!

For businesses, all you have to do is comb through the rubble and hide the posts you don’t want people to see. But it’s also a good idea to make your timeline page as fan friendly as possible. They already don’t like the new layout, so you have to give them a real reason to want to stay on your page. Apps, videos, images and great content will do that.

So, Facebook timeline is still the prince of the social media world. And sometimes, princes have to make tough decisions for the people, that people might not like. In the end – they’ll thank Facebook for it.

Do you have a good, bad and ugly comment on Facebook timeline? Tell me what you love, hate and are irritated by the most!

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