Facebook Timeline’s Impact on Your Brand

By on June 25, 2012

When Facebook timeline was launched a few months ago, many people loved it – and some hated it. But what has the real impact of Facebook timeline been on your brand, and how can you learn to use it to accelerate your business growth 새롬데이타맨 다운로드? Today we explore this exact question.

The Positive Influence on Your Brand

The most immediate and long lasting positive influence for brands has been the additional cover space, that can be used as a promo area 크롬 os. In fact, one could argue that the entire design is geared towards exposure and control.

With features like ‘pin it,’ ‘highlight it’ and the ability to completely customize your app areas – timeline has made juggling large volumes of content easy Download the football game. Facebook has also made it easier to gain new fans with their ‘reach generator’ advertising system and ‘build audience’ option in the analytics section Winhex.

The Negative Influence on Your Brand

If you’re a lover of automated posting, then Facebook timeline probably ruined it for you with all the timeline changes Download Maggirls. A lot of bloggers for example, used the ‘networked blogs’ app to let other people know that they had just posted a blog. The posting was always automatic Download mobile jw player videos.

Facebook has decided that third party apps aren’t as important as direct communication – so you barely see these updates Download Manpromus. Another massive ‘fail’ for timeline users, is that their default landing tab fell away. No more targeted, direct interaction from that app.

Something else I’ve heard a lot, is that Facebook timeline isn’t very user friendly 로스트사가 다운로드. You can’t really work out how it works, unless you read some expert blogs, or Youtube the heck out of relevant apps and installations. It can be a time drain I downloaded mp3 from my age.

By far the largest negative influence has been timeline itself. Many people simply don’t like it, and as a result – they’ve stopped interacting on your pages 모바일 레전드 다운로드. All you can do is give them time to come around.

3 Supersonic Suggestions For Timeline Dominance

Timeline has been built for brands out of a series of positives – more exposure, better interaction and more effective ways of reaching potential fans. The only things in the way really, are the negatives.

  • Stop auto-posting, unless you’re using Facebook’s own brand new scheduling tool. It’s simple to use, and better for your edgerank score.
  • Make your landing tab one of the three tabs you get to see on your timeline homepage. The first two are already taken, but the third can be a great place for your interactive app.
  • Finally, do yourself a favor and test out the new ad platform. But only do it when you’re running some great specials on your page. It’s incredibly effective, and leads highly responsive fans straight to your business.

Fix these negatives, and soon Facebook timeline will be nothing but positive for your business! There isn’t much you can do about public attitude towards timeline – all you can do is make sure that your page is streamlined, optimized and ready for any users that come across it.

How do you use Facebook timeline to get fans? Tell me about it here.

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