FB Hero, Mari Smith: Facebook For Business 101

By on February 25, 2013

For Mari Smith, Facebook is a platform that inspires endless study, and as a result she’s become one of the leading experts on it in the world. There is a lot you can learn from an authority like Mari, so today I’m going to take a closer look at how she would run her Facebook page if she owned a small business 하상욱 단편 시집.

Facebook For Business: According To Mari Smith

Mari is a big fan of the Timeline design, and she has spent months determining how best to use it for business Download lotte duty-free shop app. To Mari Smith, Facebook is a necessary platform that all old and new businesses should invest in. The best way to learn from her, is to check out her own Facebook page Download Pls2. There, she shows you exactly how a page should be run.

The 101 Profile From a Facebook Expert

On first glance you can see that Mari keeps the conversation going – with nearly 2,847 people talking about her posts 빅스 노래 다운로드. Here are some tips from the queen of Facebook.

• For Mari Smith, Facebook is meant to inspire community Altium. She pops in every now and then and announces LIVE discussions for the next 60 minutes. This encourages people to ask her questions or give her feedback, live on her page 쿠키런 for kakao.

• She posts blogs from other people, which helps her connect to them and adds fresh relevant content to her wall. Only practical advice is shared Arc Survival.

• If there is one person that knows how to use Timeline apps, it’s Mari Smith. Facebook apps make your page functional, and Mari has 8 of them gta 산안드레스 다운로드. Among these are Youtube Videos, a Facebook Course, Google+, Free Webcasts, Mari’s Top Fans, A Free Chapter From Her Book and a big list of apps you should be using on Facebook antman and wasp.

• Mari ensures that she’s the prominent source of Facebook knowledge by publishing DIY or practical info posts. She’ll publish directions, and an explanatory image 119 remix 다운로드. By making her images not only attractive, but practical – she gains more fans.

• To Mari Smith, Facebook is about engagement – so she asks her fans questions and encourages a lot of interaction. She also makes great use of the ‘whole page’ function, to enlarge interesting images on her profile.

• Mari Smith is the best at what she does because she’s put the time into her own credibility. She posts images of herself writing on the Facebook ‘wall’ in the FB offices – and she is often interviewed about Facebook as an expert. She makes sure the world knows when something like this happens, you should too!

For an expert like Mari Smith, Facebook will be a constant challenge because it always changes. For you – the business owner – Mari can be that unparalleled source of Facebook for business knowledge that you need to keep your profiles current and popular.

One of the best things you can do for your Facebook page is to model it after one that works. This is how you learn to implement new strategies and test new processes. Mari is to Facebook what Brian Clark is to content, and Darren Rowse is to blogging! Thanks Mari!

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