Finding New Content Ideas (and Repurposing Old Ones)

By on April 10, 2018

Creating unique and attractive content is an increasingly competitive game, and it only becomes more important as consumers look for what is useful or entertaining to them beyond a sales pitch. The kinds of content consumers seek and that platforms through which they seek it are ever evolving and diversifying, making the challenge of constant unique content seem at times overwhelming.

The ways in which content now varies – blog posts, video, social media, and more – can actually make content creation simpler at times 아이 펀박스. Instead of brainstorming new content ideas for each platform and format, repurpose content from one platform by translating it (not duplicating it!) into the format that works for another. This maximizes the investment of time and resources in content creation and allows great content ideas to be seen by the most people.

Let’s take a look at how some popular types of content can be repurposed and given new life with a change of perspective and a little bit of effort.

High Engagement Social Media Posts

Social media is perhaps the easiest way to determine what kind of content will be successful among your target audience 아이콘 취향저격. Track engagement via a platform’s built-in analytics or simply take note when a post garners an exceptional amount of retweets, likes, or shares. Is it a specific topic that attracts their attention, or do posts that include images or video inspire more interaction? Figure out what works best and capitalize on that success.

If a particular topic sparks a conversation in your social channels, follow up on that by providing more content on that topic, such as a blog post or short video cookie yomi. If a particular kind of content performs exceptionally well, focus efforts on translating existing content into that format so it can reach the most people.

For example, bioClarity’s post featuring an influencer and announcing new product launches received more likes than their average post. Going forward, they can capitalize on this success by incorporating more influencers in video and content marketing to promote these new products.

Image Source

Social media is also key in determining trends that drive conversation in your niche or in among the general public 5 downloads from the player. Monitor competitors, hashtags, and news sites to see which posts and topics garner the most attention, and create content around these topics when timely and relevant to stay a part of the conversation.

Update Old Blog Posts

Since blogging was one of the first and most effective forms of content marketing, many businesses already have a robust repertoire of blog content. This can at times make fresh ideas difficult to come by. However, industries that frequently undergo changes to best practices or constantly have new discoveries can create new content just as consistently by updating old posts on the same topic 파이썬 터틀.

Pro Tip: Blog updates can take the form of a brand new post that only discusses the new information and links back to the original post, or they can consist of the original information with new information incorporated throughout. Do not include the same content in two separate posts, as this could result in the updated post not being indexed by Google.

To never miss an update, plan to routinely review blog categories to ensure that nothing needs to be expanded or updated. Alternatively, create a file of posts on frequently changing topics so that when the next update arrives, the correct post is quickly found, updated, and republished, keeping your site on the front line of new information for your industry 초인전설.

Read more about expanding existing blog content in this guide from Hubspot.

FAQ Content

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) may be some of the most visited and most useful content a business can create, but too often it is created and forgotten, rarely updated and never shared. FAQ content can be used for lead generation by providing insight into how a product or service works, and should be just as exciting and engaging as any other content you create Download Friends Popcorn.

To keep FAQ content fresh, monitor chat logs, blog comments, and social media interactions to see what questions keep coming up that you haven’t answered. If an answered question is still asked excessively, brainstorm how to answer this question in a clearer or more compelling way. Would a video explanation or tutorial be more effective? If you have videos, are they too long or difficult to see each step of the process? Does your FAQ page need to be restructured so visitors can more easily find the information they are looking for 세 사람?

TransUnion’s ShareAble for Hires has a great example of an FAQ page:

Image Source

Here, they answer specific questions with short videos that walk users through the steps to common questions. Since each video is short and specific, they can easily be found by users or even shared on social media, whether as an independent post or in response to a customer service query.

For more on creating excellent FAQ content, check out this resource from Impact Download Holding Five.

Host Webinars

Webinars are a great way to leverage existing content into a new format to reach new leads. How-to articles, FAQs, and popular blog posts are great starting points for webinar topics. During a webinar, audience interaction can inform the conversation and content, which can be used as a springboard for creating even more content. Audience questions can inspire further FAQs or even whole new blog posts or webinars moving forward.

Be sure to record webinars and use those as further pieces of content c# html Excel. Host the full recording on your blog, along with a transcript to increase search engine rankings. You can also include the slides or graphics used in the webinars, like in this example from ClearVoice:

Image Source

Other options for utilizing webinar content include editing the recording into short, impactful clips to be shared on social media, and tweeting out the best quotes with a link to the full recording or to promote future webinars.

Video Summary

Video marketing is increasing in popularity and is now more easily hosted on all social and digital platforms. Video tutorials and webinar clips, as discussed above, can be very effective and easily shareable. If you have the resources, creating brief videos summarizing blog posts can open up content to a new range of people.

These videos offer the same knowledge but more attractively and in a way that is more easily digested by readers. Sharing a video via social media is more eye-catching than a link to a 1000-word blog post. Consider these summaries like teaser trailers for the post. Check out this example from the Insights for Professionals blog:

Image Source

Great content can serve a business in many forms when done right. By adapting blogs into videos, videos into webinars, and tapping into what your target audience is talking about, content creation ideas are infinite – even as content demand continues to increase. Pay attention to how different content forms work together rather than keep them all separate, and be sure to avoid duplicate content. Always look out for the new angle and new idea and how it can become not just one solitary post, but a network of content that supports your audience however they best consume content.


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