Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Website Ranking

By on July 12, 2018

So, what are your thoughts on your current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy?

With the year passing, you definitely want to analyze the overall performance of your marketing efforts and know what worked and what didn’t work and the actual progress you made that helped you gain some positive outputs from the strategic planning, right?

No matter if you have made mistakes or lacked efficiency, you always have a second chance to try to improve your SEO tactics.

Reading my article on free SEO tools surely can help you improve your marketing results.

Here Are the Free SEO Tools That I Want You to Focus On.

Google PageSpeed insights give you real-time performance of your web page on mobile and desktop devices. Not only that it also provides you suggestions on how a page can be improved for better optimization results, plus shows user experience, page optimization and speed score.

Check How it works

  • PageSpeed insights collect the data from the Chrome User Experience Report and shows speed score by calculating the median value from the reports containing two metrics FCP and DCL. Based on the categories of each metric; overall speed score is termed as fast, slow or average.
  • It also evaluates the optimization score by knowing the performance of your page and gives a score between 0 – 100.

          Page performance is categorized as mentioned below:

  • Good: If the optimization score is >= 80
  • Medium: if the optimization score is between 60 – 79
  • Low: if the optimization score is between 0 – 59

This shows that a page with good performance has a high optimization ratio and a page with low performance is required to improve its optimization ratio.

You can even try some other free SEO tools to check your page optimization and speed scores such as Pingdom, WebPageTest, and GTmetrix

Moz is a free SEO Tool that allows you to check your business listing online. You can review how healthy is your local business presence in the online marketplace. Moz crawls and fetches data from more than 15 different sources to measure your feasible online presence, also showing you detailed analysis such as complete, incomplete, inconsistent or duplicate and overall total score for your listing.

Whether you are a business owner or online marketer or content writer, everyone would like more visitors to visit your website or read your content or buy products or services.  For that, you need to make correct use of keywords and long tail keywords. is one such tool that:

Recommends more than 750+ long-tail keywords for each search word and it is 99.99% reliable tool compared to keyword planner.

You can also opt for Ubersuggest to get long-tail keyword suggestions

If you are reading this, you must be aware of Google Analytics and if you are not, surely you should know. Inarguably, you need this tool in your website, irrespective of other SEO tools.

“It’s like humans need oxygen to live, cars need a dashboard to be driven, the same way, the website is incomplete without Google Analytics”

Google Analytics captures the most valuable data that helps you understand your website visitors, tracks their behavior on the site and allows you to monitor the organic traffic performance compared to past performance.

Though you have other options such as Piwik to try, but you can’t ignore Google Analytics.

Another default tool that should be used for your website is GWT(Google Webmaster Tool)

if Google Analytics is like oxygen for a website than GWT is food for a website. 

It is equally important to check your website health, bug reports, and indexing issues. It is a very focused tool for website optimization.

If you ever been attacked by Google Penalty or suffering from spammy links, GWT will help you get the backlink data on your website.

Keyword planner is considered to be the premium tool for keyword research. This tool provides you various keyword suggestion based on the seed keyword entered by you. Not only that, you get monthly average search results of a particular keyword, competition in search results to understand your target people search even better.

For more understanding check    

You must be aware of the various website analyzers, but have you heard about QuickSprout? It is a free website analyzer that facilitates you a comprehensive analysis of your website- providing crucial information about the website. Even know what your competitors are doing by analyzing their website for free.    

Get a full control of your website analysis speed, keywords, backlinks and tags with this amazing tool.

  • Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best tool to know how your website appears in the search results. It also guides you to improve site appearance giving you error reports during website crawling and suggests you for improvement.

Google Search Console is inside the Google Analytics interface. For more details go through the official guide.

This tool works as a website crawler. It crawls through the website and allows you to rectify errors like duplicate title tags or missing tags. This free tool can analyze about 500 web pages in a free version. It also crawls through the content of the website and generates a report which you can download an excel file and analyze later.

Right prediction of the future is as important as to stay ahead of the competitors. Whether it is a game or war or business competition. Thus, Online marketers should stay updated with the current market trends and know where the market is going to head towards in near future. Here, you can take advantage of Google Trends. Yes, Google Trends can be your guide.

Google Trends gives you insights on various topic search results and their changing volume. It allows you to make the right decision on content and keeps you ahead of the competition. This is the best tool to measure the changing behavior in a search query and know the current trending topics in the market.


Summing up all of the Free SEO tools together is difficult. There are more than 100 SEO tools around the web! I found the ones that are easy to use without costing you a penny. You will get amazing insights about your website within minutes. I would love to hear which SEO tools you favor and why. Please share in the comments.

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