The Future of Twitter In Light of Yesterday’s Magnificent IPO #Twitter

By on November 8, 2013
The Future of Twitter

The future of Twitter is on the minds of each and every individual that invested their hard earned cash in shares yesterday, as the microblogging platform went public Special character. What I want to know today is what Twitter will become now that money is its dominant driver? Let’s zoom in on where Twitter should and shouldn’t be in the coming year 아르마 3 한글.

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The Future of The Little Blue Bird

Twitter took its first public flight yesterday amidst much fanfare in the tech world. Stock was sold at an impressive $44.90-$50.00 per share, which investors gobbled up like hungry house cats waiting on the roof of a birdhouse Download GameMaker Studio.

Valued at a spectacular $24 billion, Twitter follows Facebook in being one of the most desirable companies to invest in, across the globe. Even better, social companies like Twitter have a track record of making people serious money t-1000 ova 다운로드.

So, what does the future of Twitter look like, now that shareholders are in the picture?

The Future of Twitter

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Where Twitter May Go in The Future

  • Twitter will have to build a greater userbase that visits the site more often attachments from the iPad. This means focusing on countries outside the US and UK, and optimizing the experience to add more value to users in the coming years.
  • Twitter recorded heavy financial losses over the past 3 years, which means that there will be an increased demand to harness the advertising potential of the platform for income generation 포켓몬. We expect to see all sorts of new ad offerings.
  • Twitter will also try to optimize the mobile experience by increasing the viral potential of each tweet as it is shared across multiple platforms 포우 돈버그 판. The future of Twitter will belong to the engineer that can make the average tweet reach more people.

Where We Would Like To See Twitter Go In The Future

  • Twitter is a great news alert platform 연차 양식. Like SMS, I am interested to see how smaller local communities could benefit from becoming part of a Twitter network. To improve platform value for the average user, Twitter needs to think smaller, not bigger Download high definition on YouTube.
  • I would like to see some aggressive marketing campaigns from Twitter, proving that one tweet can really impact the direction/traffic/marketing potential of a campaign. Releasing conversions stats, videos and press releases will help the platform.
  • Twitter is great for personal opinions. I would like to see tweets attached to different technologies and better ways to segment and target specific people within the platform. This will mean upgrading their tech and rethinking their publishing platform. Why can’t we tweet reviews on books and movies to discover real-time opinions in a more effective manner?

The future of Twitter will involve a lot of new changes that support the income-generation model. In order for them to be successful, they will need to think laterally about tweeting, perhaps even experimenting with new technologies like augmented reality, apps and social commerce in ways we haven’t experienced just yet.

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What do you think Twitter will become, now that the company has gone public?

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