How To Get Feedback From Your Target Market With Social Media

By on July 5, 2011

Did you know that 94% of all companies using social media, don’t capitalize on their interaction by targeting user feedback? The 6% that is targeting feedback, must be laughing all the way to the bank! Feedback is one of the most important developmental tools in your social media strategy – even in your overall business plan download 2.

With feedback from your target audience, you’re getting direct, honest answers to many of the unsolved questions that you have about your marketing plan. What products would sell better? Where should I focus my marketing efforts? How can I improve my fan to client conversions, and upsell to existing clients 파이어 알파카?

Imagine if you had real-time answers to all of these questions. It would drastically improve your sales. That’s why user feedback should be high on your priority list. Right up there with – driving traffic and monitoring social metrics – which incidentally, feedback from your fanbase can also improve. Let’s investigate how to get those answers you’ve been looking for 빛이 되어라 다운로드.


The Facebook Feedback Goldmine

Assuming you’ve been working on expanding your Facebook community, and have gained a fair number of fans – it’s this audience you’ll want to target for feedback. There are several ways to get your Facebook community to respond to your feedback questions, but they all involve getting a high edgerank score first Download Hello Chat.

The Facebook edgerank system is not unlike pagerank for Google. It’s an algorithm that decides what your community gets to see in their ‘top news’ feeds. To put this in context, of the 600 million people that check that Facebook pages, only half of these ever bother to click on ‘most recent’ – the other homepage option that publishes the most current news coldplay movies.

Your first goal, is to make sure all of your feedback efforts are published in your fans top news stream. That way, they’ll see it, and are more likely to respond. Edgerank relies on affinity, weight and time decay to determine post relevancy. To simplify this, basically posts that are fresh, relevant and contain multimedia – are more likely to get a high edgerank score, and be published in top news Download Mac Office 2019.

  • Ask a general question that includes an image or video and does not utilize the Facebook ‘ask question’ feature. You can also direct questions at specific Facebook fans – call them by name, and they will answer.
  • Use the ‘ask question’ feature, and create one click answers in poll form.
  • Use the ‘ask question’ feature and create one click surveys for your fans to answer 콜오브듀티 월드워2.
  • Get an app development company to create a branded app for you. This app can be a poll, contest, quiz, survey or trivia game. The key is to theme your questions around your niche to gain insight into your fans behavior. Make it fun, and they’ll return often to contribute.


Feedback on Twitter

Use a Twitter polls and surveys app to prompt feedback from your Twitter community Download Soldier of Fortune 2. A great one to use is Twtpoll, which also allows your question tweet to go viral if your fans find it interesting.


LinkedIn Answers Please

LinkedIn is stuffed with business professionals that love to give feedback on everything in your niche. All you have to do is post relevant questions in LinkedIn Answers, and wait for the response. Because of the nature of this platform, the feedback can be immensely valuable, as you get expert feedback for free gflags 다운로드.


The Youtube Agenda

If you’re going to focus on getting responses from a lot of people – besides Facebook – Youtube is the place to do it. Be creative, and personal, and film or create a video based around your question.

To boost responses levels you can run a contest that awards the person with the most valuable feedback, with something free and incredible download ssleay32.dll. Every time you post a video, sit back and watch your comments area go mad. You get great feedback, your fans get something too. Win-win!

Remember that all content online depends on the way you optimize it for your fans, and for the search engines. Focus on building your social communities first, or you won’t get much of a response. To avoid this pitfall – start with video, and good luck!

How do you capture feedback from your social media fans? Is there a platform you’d recommend? Please leave your comment below, and let’s help small businesses become part of the informed 6%!

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