How to Get High Quality Traffic from Social Media

By on June 18, 2018

Social media is the easiest way to get your content seen, or so you may think. You may not believe it, there is actual an whole business around Social Media Marketing. There is an actual reason for that. These businesses are answering an important question for their clients:

How to drive high-quality traffic to your blog using social media?

The keyword there is: high-quality traffic.

Almost everyone can get hundreds of views from Facebook alone 슈퍼 배드 게임. But those views aren’t bringing any revenue or making the business any bigger. They are just views.

The goal, however, is to get views who turn to leads and then clients.

While there are hundreds of articles telling exactly how to get traffic from social media websites, they rarely indulge in showing you the best way to find the good leads.

This article will help you figure out how to drive the best traffic to your site and growing your blog the right way Download the kj certification tool.

1 – How to Use Facebook to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Facebook used to be a great traffic source, and it still is, if you play your cards right. Now, with the new algorithm update, pages are left to dead.

Only big companies and big engagement brands have any kind of success getting any traffic. Small bloggers have hard time getting any traffic from their pages. And to be honest, it does not matter. High-quality traffic that you need to go after is less likely to be following your fan page YouTube Country Limited.

There are two main ways you can get traffic that can convert to leads on Facebook: ads or groups.

Be Active on Facebook Groups

Since the decrease of organic engagement in Pages, groups have seen an increase in activity. More of group posts start to show up on your homepage. However, group engagement is not what you think it is.

I appreciate those groups who create threads of comment for comment, view for view, and similar kind of engagement. However, those are not, by any means, the traffic you want. They are only lowering your conversion rate.

What you should aim for is niche-related groups Adobe Photoshop trial. Become a respected member of a community of people that are interested in your topic, share your ideas with them in posts, answer questions in comments. Become an authority in your niche that way.

Sooner or later, you’ll be allowed to share your links to those groups and the members will happily check them out, and visit your blog later.

2 – How to Use Twitter to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Twitter is one of the most used platforms in the world daum 영상 다운로드. However, it is not used enough to bring regular traffic to blogs. Most of the time, it is used to inform about breaking news and sharing generic posts.

While that was probably the reason why Twitter was first made, they recently made changes to their character limit. They doubled the space allowed to write your posts. If that is any indication, it is because they know that Twitter isn’t for breaking news only.

It has grown to be a social platform just like any other, and even more active now than ever Download the perfect other person script.

And the best way to get the maximum of it is by interacting with your target audience directly.

Use #TwitterChats

In almost every industry, there is at least one scheduled #TwitterChat in the week. These chats allow both influencers and target audience to interact together in answering direct questions related to a certain topic.

When you actively engage in those chats, you grow your followers’ numbers, your tweets are seen by many more people, and soon, they will start reading your content.

Still, you shouldn’t spam your links all over the place. There is a time and place to do so, and you should be patient enough to earn that right awesomium.dll 다운로드.

Use the 280 Character Limit Effectively

With the increase in the character limit, you don’t have to write a generic post that only includes the article title and the link to your site. Now, you can use the additional space to talk more about what your article is about.

You have more space to use hashtags, to explain content, and to answer direct questions in the post. When you do that, your audience on Twitter is more likely to click on your links to find out more. If they are intrigued enough to stop and read your tweet, they are probably ready to read your content Download the telegram sticker image. That is why you should always include a CTA in your tweets. It tells them what you want them to do, and usually they do it.

3 – How to Use Pinterest to Drive High-Quality Traffic

Pinterest is one of the most advanced visual search engines in the world. But it was first created to be a social media platform. Therefore, using it for that purpose is exactly how you can ensure to get the best traffic possible.

Again, there are many groups who’d like to engage in pinterest engagement exchanges, but that is not how you get the best out of Pinterest Knox Lineage m. You need to consider it both as a social platform AND a search engine with algorithms and rules.

So, how do get the best out of Pinterest?

Create unique designs

Pinterest is used mainly for its visual content, and the best designs always win. So, you can turn your blog posts into infographics when appropriate. Then you can pin them, add a description, and with a few Pinterest SEO tweaks, it can gain more engagement Download the Twitter tweet.

However, not all posts can become infographics. In that case, simply creating an design image for your posts will help you attract more readers. As long as it includes your title in big fonts and creative designs, you will stand out from the rest of your Pinterest Competitors.

Optimize Your Pins

Pinterest optimization is still tricky but the basics are very simple. Still, if you manage to get them done right, you will gain a big audience in a short period of time.

Optimizing your pins is relatively easy:

  • Make sure your source image has a readable title, preferably with a keyword. Use “ricechickendinner.jpg” instead of “picture12355.jpg”.
  • Add a description that contains your keyword but without stuffing. Much like Google, Pinterest isn’t allowing keyword-stuffed descriptions anymore.
  • Insert relevant hashtags in your description. They will maximize your appearance in Pinterest search results.
  • Add a CTA in your description as well. When people find your pins, they should know what to do next. Your CTA is made exactly for that.

These are the basics for Pinterest SEO. Once you get these right, you can start gaining a little bit of traffic. You can also ask Pinterest Board admins to allow your pins so you can have access to a larger audience..


Social media is a great source of traffic that is often misused. With the techniques I have mentioned above, you will start gaining the best traffic that converts really well.

Blog views aren’t the only thing you need, but you need customers, email list subscribers, and loyal readers. You can only get them using an effective social media marketing strategy that helps you drive high-quality traffic to your site.

Let me know what you think down in the comments below.

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