How Do You Get People To Comment on Your Blog Posts?

By on January 27, 2011

Creating a blog and keeping it fresh with new posts all the time is the easy part. The difficult part is helping your community cross over from passive readers, to active participants 파이어폭스 m3u8. You want people to comment on your blog!


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You’ve spent hours putting together the information for each post, and its good stuff root explorer apk 다운로드. So why aren’t you getting any responses from your readership? Well, the hard truth is that most people don’t comment EVER on any of the blogs they follow Download Transformers 2.

To be more accurate, the state of mind of these passive readers is ‘consuming,’ where they take in what you have said, and move on. The readers who do comment are either jarred out of the ‘consumer’ mindset by something you’ve said, or are switched to the ‘productive’ mindset because they really like, or listen to your blog 대성스카이프.

Complicated? Not really – just unfortunate. But there are ways to get comments despite the fact that the odds are against you.

Ask a Direct Question

The easiest way to ensure that you get at least some comments, is to encourage your readership at the end of your blog post Baidu material. Ask them a question about the subject you’ve been discussing. Be specific and request personal experiences.

Your readership will feel prompted to comment because you have addressed them directly and asked politely for their contribution 두콩 스타크래프트.

Engage The People That Comment

When someone does comment, reply to them – even if it’s just to thank them for their comment Mzk latest. They’ll see that you have read and valued their contribution, and so will the rest of your community.

It will promote more interaction, and show people that you are listening and willing to interact with them on a personal level 독일어 교재. You could start a 38 comment discussion with one person that attracts more comments from your readership as it progresses.

Borrow Someone Else’s Community

If there’s not so much as a single comment on your blog, and you have no real way of showing your community that you’re really there – borrow someone else’s community Download Kingsman Secret Agent. Find a blog you agree, or don’t agree with, and counter-blog – addressing the blogger personally.

This is a great idea especially if their community is bustling with lively comments windows xp pe 다운로드. Then leave a comment on their blog leading the community to yours, and see what happens.

Advertise Your Post on Interactive Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are geared towards personal interaction, which makes both of them an opportunity for your blog. People know that these sites are for interaction, so they are ready for it – and honestly, more willing to do it there than on your blog.

Why not get your blog roll going on your Facebook page, or advertise each blog post in your Twitter feed. You’re much more likely to get comments on these platforms.

If all else fails, launch a free giveaway that involves people posting on your blog, and social media pages – for a fantastic e-book you’ve created. That will get the ball rolling! Keep at it, and soon you won’t be able to handle all the comments pouring into your blog.

How do you get people to comment on your blog?
If you have a sure-fire method, we want to hear it!

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