How To Get More Testimonials With Social Media

By on June 4, 2011

One of the most fundamental tools used for marketing and promotion of your business, is done by collecting testimonials from your clients. A testimonial has a lot of power to persuade potential clients to become clients – by showing them that other businesses have had great experiences using your services or buying your products 잊혀진 영웅들.

Social media offers you several unique ways of collecting testimonials from your community. Your goal should be to learn how to use these avenues to source testimonials from happy customers lg 프린터 다운로드. That way you’ll inspire a consistent stream of reviews, feedback and testimonials that shed a positive light on your business. Let’s take a closer look at how to do this 챠우챠우.

#1: Asking For Positive Feedback

You have a content network of material that you send out to clients, either to teach or inform them about something important – and it’s up to you to leverage this content by requesting feedback from your community 알투비. It could be your newsletter, some promotional emails, en e-course you’re sending out to your list, or a general statement below a video or article you’ve posted curriculum.

Urge your readers to comment on their experiences with your content or business, and how it has helped them. Testimonials don’t always have to be from client to business, they can be from your community as well cplay 다운로드. Actively ask them to post a Facebook comment, a Tweet, or some feedback on your LinkedIn group.

#2: Social Media Testimonials on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent place to gather testimonials in 140 characters or less cadpower. They come direct from a verified person or business, which makes them instantly credible. The more great testimonials you get here, the more you’re likely to get – as it encourages other community members to have their say Administrative Standard Code. All you have to do is leave clear instructions on how to tweet. Then you can group your testimonials and use them.

Ask your community to include a particular hashtag that you’ve come up with, for easy indexing Download the Mobizen screen recorder. You can then follow the hashtag and keep track of all your testimonials. Choose the best from these for promotional material, videos, slideshare presentations and email marketing 360 클라우드 오프라인 다운로드. If you have your Twitter feed on your website, they’ll be displayed there too. If you don’t, you can always integrate a scroller app to show them on your website every few seconds.

#3: Facebook and LinkedIn Testimonials

Facebook testimonials are similar to Twitter testimonials, except they can be longer and in more detail. You can ask people to comment on a link to articles or other media, and leave their opinions on your page. Another great way to leverage testimonials is by integrating your blog into your Facebook page. When you publish promo material on your blog, people can leave their feedback and it will be displayed on your Facebook page as well.

LinkedIn, because it’s a business network, has made the process of getting testimonials from your clients or colleagues, incredibly easy. There is a tool called ‘recommendations’ on your profile, and you can ask your contacts to write a brief testimonial for you for your page. People are always willing to do this, especially if they’ve had a good experience with your business, or if you’ve given them a recommendation in return. Don’t forget to ask – or you won’t receive!

Try out these methods of collecting testimonials on your social media pages, and you’ll find a flood of feedback coming your way!

How do you secure testimonials on social media? Are there any problems that you’ve faced? Tell us here, and we’ll give you some tips on how to sort them out! Leave your comment below.

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