Google+ Updates After The Facebook Overhaul

By on March 10, 2013

Google+ updates have arrived, with the platform hastily advancing its current design and usability, thanks to Twitter and Facebook’s constant evolution Download the Star Hunter map. The new features are actually very user-friendly and great for local businesses. Today I’m going to detail what’s changed and how it will help your company online 하스피탈스톤.

The Google+ Updating System

Many will say that it’s about time that Google+ updates and streamlines their stark, social media platform – and it is 보글보글3 다운로드! I’m glad that Google has given up on trying to compete with Facebook and the other networks, and instead is evolving into their own unique service. They are mainly doing this to be more practical – for the average business user Windows Server 2012.

Here is a list of the recent Google updates:

  • Google+ makes it easier for you to edit your profile information. The ‘about’ section has changed dramatically, and now has separate sections for you to enjoy 유로트럭. The privacy control is still tight (perhaps too tight) so you don’t have to worry about any of your information getting seen by the wrong circles.
  • Another one of the latest Google updates – is in the local reviews section linux 서버 파일 다운로드. As you know, this is a great place for SEO, where you can now add local reviews to the same area that contains your photos, Youtube videos and +1’s 사전 어플. You can leave reviews for your favorite businesses, and get your fans to do the same for yours here.
  • There are now striking, large cover images on the Google+ platform 베가스 유튜브 동영상 다운로드. This is to keep up with the growing trend in visual design online right now. Larger images means more interaction, which is important 라즈베리파이 이미지. Cover photos are now 16×9, and up to 2120px x 1192 pixels – that’s pretty huge! Google+ updates like this will help the site move forward with its competitors dignity of dispatch.
  • New cropping and profile avatar features means that you will now have an attractive top banner on your page that resizes itself automatically.

These new Google+ updates will be rolling out for quite some time, and more changes are on the way. These changes were directly inspired by feedback given to Google+ on the platform, says Google+ product manager, Sara McKinley.

What Do The New Images Sizes Mean For Google+ Users?

The good news is that this new image size upgrade is prime real estate for your business. I would suggest having your business profile images professionally done, and using them as part of your marketing tools – when you do product launches or promotions.

Like Facebook, this real estate is immediately noticeable on the search engines, so it’s valuable space. Use it to help support your many online sales funnels, or to send traffic to your business website from your Google+ page.

If you want something to add to Twitter, create links leading to the testimonials and local reviews on your Google+ page. Google+ updates like these give me faith that although Google+ began on shaky ground, the Google team has plans to make it something unique, offering more or something different than the Facebook’s of the world.

What do you think of the new Google+ changes?

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