How Google+ Will Turn Your Face Into an Advert #Google+

By on October 16, 2013

Google+ has been slinking towards a really obscure end goal for some years now, and it seems as though they are now beginning to show their true colors. With the new advertising privacy protests bouncing around the net, you have to ask – how is Google’s move going to affect me and my business? Today I’m shedding some light on these privacy concerns.

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The Google Monster Conglomerate

Google has been making some pretty bold decisions lately that has social media managers, brand strategists and experts biting their nails and pulling out their hair. First came the Google keyword change that blinded small business owners and has strong armed many of them into paying for access to Google Adwords data.

And now Google+ is tuning up for a big advertising change. I have been saying that Google has an end-goal with Google+ for years, and this seems to be the beginning of that goal.

Google had everything – the search engine space, the tech space, progressive technology, mobile technology, we’re even talking about a company that launched a subsidiary that is going to take on death, by launching Calico, a company that will extend the human lifespan.

The only thing, the only ingredient that they needed to round everything off, was you. That is why Google+ popped into existence. By linking Google+ with all of Google’s other services, it became an indispensible tool for social media managers, SEO strategists and content creators. Why does this matter?

The Google+ Take on Personal Information

Google+ didn’t ever care about being the ‘best’ social network, they just wanted to attract enough influential active users, the kind that contribute reams of content to the internet every day. These high conversion users MUST use Google+, in order to exist in the online space.

Google+ ads

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Now Google+ has announced a change in their privacy policy – they will use your personal information in their advertising campaigns – across ALL of their services. That’s right! Google+ has taken that step out of the privacy shadows, and has announced that YOU are their new advertising method.

With ‘shared endorsements’ advertisers will now be able to utilize all of the activity you have been feeding Google and its services over the years. Your name, face and recommendations are all up for grabs. It’s a new kind of personalized ad system for the search engine giant to make money from. Nothing converts like personal recommendations!

Comments, photos, +1’s, content that you share – these will ALL become fair game for advertisers from November 11, 2013.

The good news is that Google+ will not override your current privacy settings. But everywhere else – like Google Local and all the other Google apps are not private. In protest, people replaced their profile image with Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt’s photo so that it would show up all over the site in ads. This of course, won’t cause any real change.

I suspect this ad route was Google’s plan from the beginning. Keep using Google+ but ensure that your settings are all on private. Then, limit your usage of other Google apps and services, and don’t ever publish anything you wouldn’t mind strangers seeing online. In this brave new future, it will be your face selling things to the kids. Get used to it.

What do you think of Google’s bold move and will it negatively affect the already raging privacy debate online?

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