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By on October 16, 2018

It is no longer a surprise that designers are falling in love with Instagram. This is because Instagram has the capability of visually appealing a huge section of people from every nook and corner of the vast and wide globe. Designers have also realized that they can gain a valuable number of audiences when they upload the designs that they have worked on. Instagram currently has more than 1 billion users who are active on a daily basis. It is perhaps the best platform that the young designers can use for giving a kick-start to their career. When it is done in a proper manner, a strong Instagram account is capable of putting the designers on the map, which will help them to garner clients in future. However, it has been observed that most of the designers have an Instagram account but they do not really know how they can use it for self-promoting their work on Instagram.

Given below is a list of the important points that the young designers can adhere to if they are interested in self-promoting their work on Instagram.

Being consistent

It is necessary that the designers provide a message of consistency throughout their Instagram account. Keep in mind that your prospective clients follow a number of accounts and they will choose only a particular one for meeting the business needs that they have. If your account is capable of filling that need, they will love to see your work. When your clients or followers see a particular post on their feed, they will understand that you have posted it. However, this will happen only when you are consistent.

Many young designers have great designs, but the only problem is that most of the designs do not go with their accounts. If you are narrating different kinds of stories whenever you are coming on Instagram, your clients will find extremely difficult to understand the message that you are trying to give. Ensure that you have a proper idea about the message that you want to communicate and you should consistently reinforce this with time.

Telling a story

There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is the best platform for telling stories. This is why you should ensure that you are telling your story to your target clients. Graphic designers know that storytelling does not only involve words.

They have to make use of visuals to convey their story in a natural and beautiful manner. Ensure that the visual story is backed up by a catchy and inviting caption so that your clients are more interested in the story that you have shared. Moreover, the Story feature in Instagram has allowed the graphic designers to tell stories that have more depth and beauty.


A graphic designer does not need to have the best grammar skills but he definitely needs to have a wonderful editing skill. The entire field of graphic designing is based on aesthetics. If you’re posting a design that is not up to the mark, there are chances that your target clients will leave your profile and never come back. This is why you should pay attention to the little details of your design and think before you upload a particular design because you should not forget that the Instagram account is actually serving as your portfolio.

As it is said that one rotten potato can spoil all the potatoes that are present in a basket, similarly a single unattractive design can make you lose many of your target clients. It is best to use the editing filters that are present on Instagram if you want to cover up any particular and tiny mistake that you have made. If you are a graphic designer, you can visit reputable websites for more information about Instagram and graphic designing.

Consider uploading designs on Instagram as an important business strategy

If you are looking for projects, it is best to convert your profile from the personal account to a business account. When you switch to a business account, you have the opportunity of posting your contact information as well as your location. If the clients like the designs that you have posted, they will be able to contact you directly with the help of the contact details that you have provided. If you own a website, do not forget to add the link of that website in your bio so that your clients are directly redirected when they are looking for your contact information.

Ensure that all of your posts have a professional touch. If you have already completed a big project, it is best to upload posts that are related to that work. You can also upload the behind the scenes so that your target clients can have a proper understanding of the manner in which you work. Use Instagram for marketing your work and you will definitely come across a number of target clients who will love to hire you for your designs.


If you only keep uploading your designs but you do not interact with the followers, you are actually wasting all your efforts. You never know if your target client is hiding among your followers. Whenever you receive positive comments on your posts, you should reply to each and every comment. Even if you are not able to reply to all the comments individually, you should always like them.

If you find any negative comment, you should ask for feedback on how you can improve. Many designers upload thank you posts that they have designed when they reach a particular follower count, or they receive a number of positive comments. This will allow your followers to feel that they are an integral part of your account. Furthermore, they may also refer you to businesses that are looking for graphic designers.


It becomes extremely difficult for graphic designers to find work if they do not promote themselves in a proper manner. Instagram is undoubtedly the best place for sales promotion, and graphic designers should use this opportunity for showcasing their talent to the entire world.

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