Your Proven Guide to SEO for Pinterest Marketing

By on January 9, 2013

Pinterest marketing is all about leveraging the site so that your other websites, social sites and marketing efforts will benefit from the SEO boost you get there Easy Clean free. But first you need to learn how to use SEO on Pinterest in a proven strategy, so that you can maximize your campaign goals. Today, here’s my quick guide on SEO for Pinterest Download only on WiFi.

Why Do I Need To Think About SEO For Pinterest?

Pinterest is the world’s fourth largest referrer of website traffic, leaving other sites like Youtube and Yahoo in the dust One-touch. The potential is there for Pinterest to be a referral traffic powerhouse, so why wouldn’t you use it for Pinterest marketing?

The A-Z of Pinterest Marketing SEO

The aim of marketing on Pinterest is to get lots of followers, repinners and people that will click through to your website or share your content Free congering.

1. Become a Viral Master

• Make sure that your images are highly sharable by creating ‘instructographics,’ ‘infographics,’ inspirational images and by sharing meaningful quotes on the site friends season 1 다운로드.

• Post your viral Pinterest marketing images at the right time of day – namely at six in the morning, and at six at night. You can also work out the time zone differences for the UK, Europe and Australia, to post at these times rufus 다운로드.

• You have to share to be shared. Build up lots of great boards that show fans that you share other people’s images. They will share yours if you shared theirs Download the movie you're opening. Empty boards don’t get noticed, so fill them up to improve your SEO potential.

2. The Intricacies of Pinterest Marketing SEO

• Earn on Pinterest by getting more traffic – how 렉시오 다운로드? By using keywords in your comments, titles, descriptions and for your board names. Don’t forget to put your pins in the right categories so people can find them 나눔폰트 다운로드.

• Pinterest link building is very popular. Everytime you post an image you can include a URL, which creates a backlink to your sites and improves SEO Apache http://.

• Link your Pinterest marketing account with your Facebook account. It improves your viral potential as people love to share their pins on Facebook too.

• Add ‘pin it’ widgets to all of your websites, blogs or product pages so that people can choose to pin your images.

• Make friends with 10 people and form a pin network. Share each other’s pins, to reach a greater number of people on Pinterest. This Pinterest marketing tactic exposes your pins to more people, so you get more comments and shares.

All of these great techniques have been 100% proven, by expert marketers and by myself. Pinterest marketing is more about offering value in the form of an image than anything else. Don’t forget to strip your images with a URL in case they do go viral.

These Pinterest strategies< will help rapidly improve the traffic that you get to your sites, both directly and indirectly. Imagine one image of yours reaching millions of people, and then even 2% of these people visiting your sites. That’s the Pinterest marketing potential!

Don’t forget to diversify your keywords and don’t be too repetitive with your content or you might be seen as a spammer.

Any Pinterest tips to add to our proven SEO guide?

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