Help! What Is Expected From A Social Media Manager?

By on May 16, 2013

In a world where social media management has no set processes, what should you expect from your social media manager, on a weekly, monthly and bi-annual basis Download Kang Diner Episode 2? Today I’m going to outline exactly what a manager should be taking care of, so that brand expectations are met! Let’s take a look at what the job entails 다운로드.

The Social Media Manager’s Job

Every brand should have a document (or contract) that details what is expected of their social media manager on a temporal basis 흑집사. Because there are few benchmark brands that have done this, companies are hiring social media managers that get away with doing practically ‘nothing’ but ‘messing’ around with social media 다잡아.

• Social media is about STRATEGY
• Social media is about CONTENT creation and management
• Social media is about ROI

When you take these three things into account, you’ll realize that perhaps your social media manager isn’t doing enough to justify their salary Download the tiara. Social managers need to use the right tools and they need to know when to use these tools to aim for their predefined goals.

• Social media managers should set weekly, monthly and bi-annual goals
• They should be concerned with community growth and REACH
• The blog and email list should be a central concern

What Brands Should Expect To Receive

I’ve heard a lot of terrible stories about a young, dynamic media professional entering the field of social media management for a brand, only to be fired 3 months later 임금체불 시뮬레이션. What went wrong? A lot!

• Untrained social media managers don’t know about paper trails and reporting

As a social media manager it’s your job to PROVE to your employer that your social strategies are working in the short and long term 스톡홀름 지도. That means that you need to document EVERYTHING that you do, to cover your actions.

• If you order content, you need a good reason to do so
• If you need an ad budget, you need a good reason
• If you need to increase your Facebook fan base, you need justify a budget for it

Just like an advertising manager, it will be your job to show your brand manager reports on your progress 포토샵 cs6 한글. If you can sufficiently prove (via previous tests) that one element of social advertising, content publication or marketing works, you will get your budget 티 월드.

But if you approach your brand with a few more Facebook and Twitter fans, and zero tests and reports, don’t expect a happy ending. Social media is about the numbers – just think of yourself as an accountant for people instead of money Download StarCraft 2 Void Legacy.

• Ongoing reports need to be kept for each platform
• Ongoing reports need to be kept for each content strategy
• There needs to be one overall weekly report
• The month will consist of 4 weekly reports and the months highlights
• Graphs, charts and stats need to be created every six months
• Six month progress reports are based on 24 weekly reports

When the social media manager needs to inflate the content or ad budget for a product launch, or an event – the numbers will show them exactly where to invest for best results. This is how you improve, learn and grow your employees brand over time.

What part of social media management do you find the most challenging?

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