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By on September 2, 2013
LinkedIn news

LinkedIn has once again topped the news outlets with its announcement that it will be targeting a new demographic of future users – teens. This news announcement and more to be discussed in today’s post on what is happening with the business networking giant Download The Gothic. Lean in close, your kids may be using LinkedIn just moments from now.

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The Latest LinkedIn News: OMG Business Networking!

LinkedIn has announced that they will now lower the minimum age of membership to 14, so that they can begin to target high school students proftpd 다운로드.

The giant business network will launch a new section of the site called ‘university pages’ and more than 200 universities have already signed on Youth Police 1080p. Seems that your social profile may count towards your child’s college acceptance!

LinkedIn have beefed up their security protocols in an effort to protect minors from stalkers and other undesirables on the platform download osmc. Features like the birthday of the teen will be hidden, teen profiles won’t be searchable via search engines, their photos will only be available to ‘first’ line connections, among other adjustments Arduino ide.

All-in-all LinkedIn has done a good job of reducing the potential for harm, for teens that plan on signing up to LinkedIn. And in a world where your LinkedIn profile is the difference between your dream job and the unemployment line, starting early isn’t a bad thing 보보경정 다운로드.

TIP! Get your teens to sign-up to LinkedIn so that they will have a better chance at a good university in a few years’ time.

LinkedIn THE Most Important Social Network For Businesses 심장에게 주다?

Recently in the news, Adweek unveiled that 46% of 300 agency honchos called LinkedIn THE most important social media property for new business lead generation 배경 음악 다운로드. We have always suspected that LinkedIn was one of the ‘power 3’ for B2B companies, but this release caused quite a stir in the social media community Download sigmaplot 13.

LinkedIn news

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Blogging came in at 24%, followed by Twitter and Facebook with a respectable 14% each. Google snuck in there in last place with a sour 2%, no doubt for their SEO potential. Adweek observed that if this is the case, more companies should be using the Slideshare app addition to market their businesses to other companies.

TIP! Need to improve your B2B leads? Add the Slideshare app to your LinkedIn page for a boost. Only 21% of all companies use it, and they are the ones cashing in on the revenue.

LinkedIn Poised To Be a Better Content Publishing Platform

LinkedIn is already better than Twitter in terms of reach, and their ad options are more sophisticated than Facebook – yet small businesses continue to ignore this platform as a viable way to source new business. It is estimated that by 2015, LinkedIn’s total ad revenue will exceed $763 million dollars. If that’s not proof it works, then I don’t know!

TIP! As a small business, focusing on LinkedIn with the same amount of energy that you sink into Facebook or Twitter will pay off (especially ad-wise) in the future.

That’s it! All the latest LinkedIn news fresh and ready for you to consume. Perhaps it’s time to dust off your LinkedIn profile, enhance it, join new groups and start being a real player on this mighty platform. After all, they are one of the most solid networks in the world!

Do you think focusing more on LinkedIn at the end of 2013 will pay off in 2014?

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