How and Why You Should Use GIFs in Your Social Media Strategy

By on February 15, 2019

It’s no secret.

In Social Networks, words gradually disappear as they are replaced by visual content. And lately, what reigns in the world of Social Networks are GIFs. These are very short videos without sound, which are repeated over and over again. They were invented more than 30 years ago, but incorporating a GIF search engine into platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp, managed to give them more life, and now we can’t imagine communicating without them.

Why use GIFs?

GIFs can be a very useful tool in your Social Media strategy. Social Networks are already used by most companies around the world, and the number of posts that appear on a user’s wall is growing. In order for people to see our content, we have to create something that grabs the attention, something that excites, something that users want to share. This is where GIFs come in. These little moving images are perfect for standing out and doing something creative. The human brain loves movement, so a GIF is gain more attention than a simple photo or text. And unlike videos, they’re lightweight and short-lived. With a duration of 2-5 seconds, the user will not get bored watching them.

How can we take advantage of GIFs?

As we’ve already mentioned, GIFs are perfect for promoting your brand and creating a connection with the customer. Let’s look at some examples of how we can take advantage:

# To present products

As they are more dynamic, they allow us to demonstrate the real movement and details of the product; this is something that a simple photo cannot do. In addition, you can now use them in your Facebook or Instagram ads.

# To gain followers

Well-used GIFs can become the best friend of your company’s community manager. It is content that people love to share, and it can be done on almost any Social Network. Whether it’s making a new post or responding to a comment, using GIFs will create a more modern image of your company and a more personal link to your customers. If you see something you find funny, share it with your followers just to entertain them.

# To make tutorials

If you want to teach your customers how to use your product, or simply share a tutorial of anything, GIFs will help you convey your idea easier and clearer than simple text. It can also be used to present statistical data, as it will add some dynamism and make it easier to digest.

Tips for having successful GIFs

  • Don’t abuse them. Yes, GIFs are a very good tool, but even the good can become tiresome, and in the end you will achieve a result contrary to expectations.
  • Quality content. It is not enough to put anything. Try to make your GIFs creative and ingenious.
  • Sometimes less is more, referring here to colors. If you use only the basic colors, not only will you get smaller file size, but your GIFs will be more impactful and attract more attention.
  • You also have to be cheaper with words. In a GIF, the important thing is the visual, so the less text the better. But if we’re going to use it, we have to think about the right size to make it more readable, but not cover the main content.
  • And let’s not forget about length. Each clip has to last long enough for the user to grasp the idea, but not too long, so it won’t become boring.

Without a doubt, GIFs help us to take our social media profiles to the next level, which helps us to stay connected with customers. However, we can not leave out the more traditional methods, such as phone calls. Although at first glance it may seem a bit old-fashioned, it is still very effective. There are also several tools that help improve contact with our customers, such as the WebRTC system.

WebRTC telephony is an open source software developed by Google that considerably improves the existing voice over IP telephony.  This technology allows the use of a virtual PBX over the Internet. There is no need to purchase additional devices or configure anything, as the PBX is hosted in the cloud.

What advantages does the WebRTC bring to a company? Basically the speed, comfort, and professionalism of customer service. Like GIFs, these are tools used to satisfy consumer needs and make them feel happy to be play a role in your company.

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