How Healthcare Companies Are Using Social Media to Market Themselves

By on January 8, 2019

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At first glance, the combination of social media marketing and healthcare may seem like an unlikely pairing. However, if you think about it from the viewpoint of the consumer, it becomes a lot more clear.

Sure, social media gets a bad rap sometimes, with all the cat videos on YouTube and the inspirational quotes of the day overlaid on photos of sunsets on Facebook html csv 다운로드. But when you consider how personal health content is, and how many people are taking matters into their own hands and searching for answers online themselves, it’s pretty easy to see why the marriage between social media and healthcare is one built on a strong foundation.

Social media is in the business of sharing and promoting content. And health content is some of the most-shared online today Download Ruby Script.

According to BuzzSumo, a digital company that specializes in finding what’s being shared online, “health content is a perennial favorite on Facebook including the secrets to a long life.” It makes sense: We all know someone who’s going through health issues, and sharing relevant health content is sometimes a great help to those people.

Impact of Social Media on Health Companies

If engagement is the engine that drives social media, and it is, then content is the fuel Agust d. From tips, news, health hazards, health education, or simply responding to questions from customers, healthcare companies have unlimited opportunities to produce health content that people are interested in.

Every single interaction through social media is an opportunity to acquire a new customer or patient 스타워즈 깨어난포스. And every time content is Liked or shared, that chance grows exponentially. Think about the power in that.

However, social media really excels when it’s combined with other marketing efforts, namely email marketing and blogging. You’ve probably heard that content is king. And the reason it’s king is that content is what fuels engagement.

Creating content is how you engage with your audience, which will include current customers and potential customers Oceans11. The distribution and promotion of that content, which is where social media comes in, is how you find more audience members. And email marketing is where you nurture that relationship, taking it from a one-to-many conversation to a one-to-one conversation.

  1. Find (social media)
  2. Engage (blogging)
  3. Nurture (email marketing)

Building a Brand

Social media is also the perfect vehicle for building your brand Download freeproxy. Social media relies on establishing and maintaining trust, especially when your goal is advertising your clinic or practice, where security and privacy are of the utmost importance. According to Neil Patel, who the Wall Street Journal has called a top influencer online, “one of the primary reasons that people buy products from a business is because they trust their name.”

Patel goes on to call social media “THE PLACE” where brands can share information, consumers can share opinions, and both sides can interact with one another mna. According to Bop Design, 80 percent of consumers are more likely to consider solutions from companies they follow online.

The key word here is “solutions.” Isn’t that what all health companies are really selling, a solution to a problem 나를 구해줘 다운로드? And it doesn’t matter if it’s a supplement company, natural food startup, or health clinic — they’re all providing solutions.

Bop Design adds, “by creating a strong brand presence on social media, you can reach a broader audience.” And according to Sprout Social, it’s all about your brand’s perception online, — a perception that you have complete control over.

Social Media isn’t Just for the Usual Suspects

Every business and organization relies on getting the word out, which could be considered the casual definition of marketing Download the independent movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local pharmacy, mental health clinic, substance abuse group, or public administration organization, marketing is about connecting. And nobody is better at making connections than social media.

In fact, social media is the perfect vehicle to deliver messages about mental health and substance abuse 프레젠테이션 테마. As people share their stories with others, more people feel more comfortable in doing so themselves. And from there, the cycle just continues to grow and reach more people.

Social Media Advertising

For those who don’t know, social media advertising is particularly powerful. Let’s use Facebook as an example.

The targeting opportunities when building an ad on Facebook are extraordinary. You can tell Facebook exactly who your audience is, from gender, age, and location to occupation and hobbies. If you own a supplement company, you can instruct Facebook to only show your ad to people who have self-identified themselves as being into supplements or natural health, or so many other competing terms that essentially mean the same thing.

Another advantage to social media advertising is how easily and quickly you can measure, evaluate, and tweak your messages and ads. And while the cost of ads on Facebook has gone up in recent years, it’s still a terrific value when compared to traditional forms of advertising that are more hit-or-miss.

Social media, in the proverbial nutshell, helps turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into loyal patrons. It does so in a way that’s very natural and organic. And, if done correctly, it’s capable of producing exponential growth and unlimited results.



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