How It Pays BIG To Be a Social Networking Genius #Socialmedia

By on August 26, 2013
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Social networking is an often vastly understated part of being a social media manager. In fact, many ‘pro’ bloggers and community managers simply don’t have time to make friends with other brands, people and communities online Download kyunghee logo. Today I’m bringing you some fairly solid reasons why you need to reconsider your networking skills.

You can also click over to SMMU if you need some hands-on training Download StyleCad. I would suggest going for the Local Marketing course, there’s a ton of great stuff in there on networking and turning clicks into actual customers Enjoy stop.

The Attitude Towards Social Networking

For decades it was considered incredibly bad manners to communicate with other brands about what your brand does Download Orbit All Bit. A lot of the time, it was even a firing offense. Because of this people older than 30 are almost pathologically suspicious of engaging in a natural, friendly way with direct competition 드라마 라이프.

Social networking and the internet in general has changed this, though small business owners are not adapting to the new philosophy Download the Naruto game. That’s why I thought it would be very useful for everyone involved to have a clear set of reasons WHY networking with other brand professionals is an important part of being a successful social media manager dowd subtitles.

This Is Why You MUST Make Friends Online!

• Incredible marketing opportunities with other brands. When an energy drink company teams up with a video marketing company because they met on Twitter – the result is a dynamic video of an energy drink sponsored sports star that goes viral Moonlight Sculptor 49. Two large companies working together for larger community outreach.

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• If you are friends with a social network of other social media managers, you can help each other improve your processes by sharing techniques, tips and knowledge Substance painter.

• Having social networking skills also means increased ROI. Networks mean blog post trading, comment trading, and marketing opportunities galore g29 다운로드. Your friends will gladly put your advert on their blog and social pages if you do the same. It’s a new kind of networking trading that is essential for social marketers.

• Powerful blog tours mean additional traffic for product launches. If your brand needs to get traffic to a page and quickly – the best way is to use your network. Team up with 5 powerful niche friends and create amazing, interesting pieces of content that you can use on a promo blog tour. It will sell enormous amounts of products.

• A social media manager on their own, is just that. A blogger on their own – also just a blogger. But when you are part of a particular ‘inner circle’ in your niche, you automatically become the best. When your name and brand is mentioned along with the other social networking friends that you have made – authority is free.

I can’t overstate how important identifying and locating your particular social network is for your brand. It is hard to make your way into the big social networking circles, but if you do – you will suddenly find that the ‘small’ problems you always have, are no longer problems.

Do you think it helps to trade various social media content items for results, or is this cheating? You are allowed to disagree!

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