How to Align Your Social Media Strategy with Your Company Goals

By on April 4, 2017

In recent years, social media has gained enormous popularity. This is not just amongst individuals using platforms such as Facebook but also amongst businesses. In fact, businesses of all sizes have benefitted from the use of social media platforms in many ways. The use of social media has enabled companies to benefit from a hugely effective yet affordable marketing tool to help boost success, provide information, and engage with customers.

It is important for any business to ensure that social medial strategies are in line with the company’s goals, and this is something that can prove to be quite challenging. By taking time to set your business goals for the year and develop social media strategies accordingly, you can benefit from a huge positive impact for your company.

Simple steps to help you to align your social media strategy with your business goals and values

Social media platforms have enormous potential when it comes to aiding your business success. However, in order to truly benefit you need to make sure that your strategies are in line with your goals and values. There are a number of simple yet effective steps that can help you to do this. Developing a strong strategy means that you can make the most of social media for your business. The key steps to take in order to do this include:

1) Determine your company’s aims and goals for the year: In order to truly benefit from social media marketing, you need to know what you are hoping to achieve. This means that you need to spend time working out what your company’s aims and goals are for the years so that you can develop the right strategies. This could be goals such as expanding into new markets and destinations, successfully launching new products and services, or increasing your customer base in your existing market. It is vital to make sure you are clear about what you want to achieve in order to succeed with your social media strategies.

2) Work out which social media platforms are likely to be most effective: Once you have worked out your company’s goals, you need to look at which social media sites and platforms are most likely to help you to achieve them. There are various social media platforms to choose from these days such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Reddit, to name but a few. It is advisable not to put all of your eggs in one basket and focus on only one platform – instead, use a combination of social media sites in order to enhance your presence.

3) Put together your strategy based on your goals: You then need to look at putting together a solid social media strategy based on these company goals. As an example, if you are looking to expand into other markets and destinations, part of your strategy would be to try and connect with others who can reach out to potential new markets. To increase your customer base, you can use social media to better engage with existing customers and to create posts that will be shared in order to attract interest from potential new customers.

4) Create a step by step strategy: Once you know what your goals are and have developed an overall strategy, you need to look at creating a step by step strategy so that everything falls into place. For example, if you are looking to connect with influential people who can help you to expand into new target markets you need to compile a list of who these people are. You then need to connect with them to see if and how they may be able to help you to achieve this goal.

5) Make sure you prioritize: It is very important to make sure you prioritize your tactics in order to make the most of your resources. Take a look at the step by step strategy that you have come up with and work out which of these steps are of paramount importance. You can then fine tune your plan so that everything is done in priority order to ensure maximum effect. In order to prioritise effectively, you need to look at how much each tactic will help your business as well as how much time and effort will be involved. This is considered a value versus complexity model where you have to compare the value that the tactic will bring compared to how difficult or time consuming it will be to put into place.

6) Delegate to the appropriate people: After you have developed and prioritized your social media tactics, you need to make sure you have the resources and staff available to implement them. You therefore need to look at which staff members are going to prove most suited to the task and then delegate the tasks to them accordingly. Also, make sure you set deadlines so that your employees know when you need the tasks to be completed by. This makes it easier to ensure that your social media strategy stays on track.

7) Be flexible: Another key point to bear in mind is that you need to be flexible with regards to your social media strategy and tactics. You may find that some elements of your strategy are not as effective as you had hoped. You may even find that the goals of your business change as the year goes on. In these instances, it is important to make sure you review and adjust what you do to keep it in line with your goals.

Whether or not you have clear cut goals for your company, you can use social media to improve every aspect of your marketing strategy. The use of social media can help to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, increase website traffic, boost business revenue, engage customers, improve your online presence, and learn more about your target markets. This in turn can have a huge positive effect on your business success and turnover.  

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