How To Better Manage Your LinkedIn Group: The Basics

By on July 31, 2013
LinkedIn group

LinkedIn groups have long been used by savvy business owners to generate leads, network and build a community of authorities around your niche. In 2013, LinkedIn has come a long way, so long that it’s time for a refresher post 윈도우즈 10 무료. Today I’m taking another look at managing your LinkedIn groups like a champion.

Ever used Buffer? Buffer is a management and scheduling tool that allows you to stay on top of your LinkedIn posts, by doing them beforehand – then scheduling them to be published at different times 어쌔신 크리드 게임. Plus you can share content that you find online directly on your LinkedIn page via buffer.

Email your LinkedIn group policy to everyone: If you haven’t already got one, draft a LinkedIn group policy and then email it to your members 급등주 탐색기 다운로드. I recently discovered a great way to maintain the rules on any group-based platform, is to insert them into conversations at least 2-3 times a month. Post about a rule people aren’t following, or highlight a new rule that you have just set download the ps3 firmware.

Do not get irritated with members, keep things private! LinkedIn is a business network, but there are a lot of trolls and spammers there as well atmel studio 6.1 다운로드. They will push your buttons and cause havoc among your members. Never get irritated with them, or insist that rules are followed in a public post. Privately message them, and if it gets bad – ban them epsxe. The rest of your members don’t need to know what is happening.

LinkedIn group

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Looking for topics to chat about 파워포인트 클립아트? Join at least 15 other LinkedIn groups that chat about the same topics your group chats about. Simply click on the ‘groups you may like’ option Twilight. Be active in these LinkedIn groups, and take in what the larger group members want to know about, or are discussing the most. Then take this knowledge and create new discussion threads based on this real-time research 공룡 의 땅 다운로드. It can really boost the quality of conversation.

Identify authority members with good advice: If there is a member in your group that gives really great advice, ask them if they would like to take a more active role in the group 아네모네. Get them writing for you, discussing things, causing discussion and generally being an ambassador for your group.

Be the poster brand for good LinkedIn etiquette! Don’t complain about people trolling and spamming in your groups if you do the same to other people’s groups. LinkedIn is all about value and sharing value in business with other people. Plus if your group members see you spamming others, they will never stop doing it to you. Those are the unspoken rules of the internet.

Take these great LinkedIn group management tips and start thinking in an innovative way about your groups and how you run them. More great tips are shared every day, so check back here again and I’ll let you know what I’ve learned.

Which LinkedIn group management tip did you find the most useful?

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