How to Create an Animated Marketing Video That Resonates with Your Audience

By on April 4, 2019

Animated videos are great pieces of content to nurture your audience, communicate a sense of friendliness for your brand, and do so in a cost-effective manner.

But not every animated video hits the spot in regards to effective communication and audience engagement.

You’ll no doubt be intrigued to learn about certain fundamental aspects of the pre-production process that helps create a connection and inspire your audience through your video content. Namely: analyzing your audience, script and character development, art direction, video customization, branding, and promotion.

So, without further ado, let’s run down through each step to create a successful animated video:

Step 1: Know Your Target Audience Before Starting

Knowing your ideal audience will help customize your video, create brand interaction and build a bond of trust between your brand and your customers.

Audience research is a continual effort; it’s a long-term strategy based on your primary business goals. The process of identifying and understanding the behavior of potential customers is called audience marketing, and it is fundamental for the central character development 론리플래닛 다운로드.

Contrary to what most people assume when it comes to character development, your brand is not the hero of the story. It is the guide/assistant that’s going to help the hero (your customer) overcome an obstacle. For that reason, you should have a clear picture of who you’re supporting and how.

Here are some tools that help you create a character/customer profile:

 Tip – Analyze your competitors: Comparing yourself with your competitors is necessary for gaining a competitive advantage. Using analytics tools, you can also obtain information on your competitor’s behavior. You should study what they are saying, how they are reaching potential users, and their relevant message/keywords twisty road apk 다운로드. Based on their user’s opinions, is their product/service being effective? Are they leaving a part of the target audience aside that you can capture and engage?

Step 2: Animated Video Production – How to Craft a Relevant Message

The next step after doing your audience research is to create your script based on the following conditions:

Users Language and Content Development:

Content development is foundational for creating engaging writing, as your message should communicate correctly and create a feeling of empathy between you and your customers. The applied grammatical structure should reflect your potential user’s language.

The Ideal Script:

The perfect script for animated marketing videos should be about 90 seconds long App Store Wi-Fi. It should also focus on the “main issue” that your customer is facing, and how your product/service can help him to overcome the main obstacle in hand. As their guide, you should use the script to lead your customers to their problem’s solution and become the hero of their own story.

Script Structure:

After analyzing your audience language and considering your ideal script conditions, it’s time to start writing your script based on the following three acts:

1.     The Beginning – What?: Related to the character and the problem which eventually your product will solve. At the start, the problem should be apparent to capture the user’s attention and interest until the end.

2.     The Middle – How?: After showing the problem, it is time to explain the solution: presenting your product and the logo. In the middle, we should answer: how does my product can help my potential customers Download msdn 2008?

3.     The Ending – Why?: Now it’s time to convince your audience to buy your product. Show them why your product is the best choice & solution solver.

Tip – Add a Call to action at the end of your video: Calls to actions are useful for guiding your audience through the next step after watching your video. Keeping one call to action per video is vital. Although, depending on your marketing strategy, different videos can have a different CTA. This way, you can analyze and compare which one is the most effective.

Step 3: Animation Style – Which Should You Choose Better Translator program?

To choose the right video style, you should start by having a clear idea about the following four key aspects:

  1. Goals: Your goals will determine which video style you should develop. For example, if your goal is to increase levels of conversations and engagement, a whiteboard animation might be the best alternative. If your goal is to gain trust, then testimonial videos can be great, as people trust reviews and recommendations.
  2. Target: As we saw in step 1, this is a crucial aspect to define. Tone, language, and critical insights must be customized for your audience. The graphics must also consider your target audience as these should engage and reflect their own day-to-day life Download Nicodong mp3.
  3. Message: The message will determine the style in which you’ll communicate it. You should ask yourself: what’s the main story-line? Do I want to share my brand’s story? Or show how a product works? But always remember that regardless of the style, the message should still trigger your audience’s emotions.
  4. Budget: Depending on the animated video style you go for, the costs change. A whiteboard animation doesn’t cost as much as a live action video.

Here are some of the most common video styles you can consider:

  • 2D Character Animation
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Live Action
  • Stop Motion
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Screencast
  • Motion Graphics

Step 4: Ensure a High-Quality Animation

Invariably, a video’s quality is as important as the content itself 신세계 앱피스. Low-quality videos suffer from high drop-off percentages because users’ demand good aesthetics to go with the content they seek.

Let’s put it this way, would you trust a company that has high-quality material or one that offers a shoddy image and sub-par sounding videos?

Quality content helps you stand out from the competition who might try to cut corners here.

That’s the huge advantage of going with a professional video production company. Experienced voice-over recordings, graphic elements and professional animations that help you achieve the high-end video content that your customers deserve 파워볼 분석기.

Step 5: Branding and Promoting Your Video

After creating a beautiful and engaging video, it’s time to work on your promotion strategy. You can start by considering the following aspects:

  • Video Thumbnails: Your video thumbnail is the first element that users visualize. This key component should drive and compel users to watch your video. So take a look at still images from your video and choose the one that is not only visually appealing, but also represents what the central video theme is. To enhance your thumbnail, you can add text
  • Share Buttons: Adding share buttons in your videos can motivate interested users to share your video 오 마이 비너스.
  • Promote your video: You can develop a promotional ads campaign on Facebook or Instagram to gain visibility and reach on social media. Online advertising is very cost-efficient. The key to success is to have a clear idea of all the steps to create your campaign: choose your goal, select your potential users, define your budget and at last, upload your video considering Facebook Business Manager requirements.

The Key to Your Audience’s Heart…

As you can see, making a compelling marketing video goes beyond having a great product or message and pairing it to beautiful graphics. 

To have a video resonating with your audience means understanding your audience, then crafting a piece of content they can relate to – Where your message feels like intended for them, and just for them download gHub. 

Not two videos are exactly the same, even when directed to the same people. Sometimes you’ll want to try something new and experiment, while others you’ll just want to stick to the tried and true formula. 

The important thing is that your audience and message remain at the core of each of your videos. Following the steps we talked about today, you’ll have a much easier time achieving that goal!

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