How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

By on September 22, 2016

Influencer marketing has become the main trend in the advertising industry of 2016. It reached the peak of popularity by providing value to both parties, namely the brand and the customers. It generates powerful leads that have well-established reasons to turn into clients by themselves, while it provides quality content to the audience who is interested in the domain of the brand.

However, this marketing branch is as new as the social media platforms themselves. The reason is that influencers have achieved their impressive success thanks to the advent of social websites that display their content on other’s profiles. As their content is well researched or highly entertaining, people are following these influencers to benefit more from their posts and videos. So, let’s see how you can correlate your brand with the influencers and how to properly plan an influencer marketing campaign.

1.     Track The Key Influencers in Your Domain

First thing’s first, you need to make a list of potential influencers that will help you promote your product. The Internet is putting some sidekicks at your disposal to assist in your search. There are already many applications out there, such as Kred or BuzzSummo, and other such useful online tools, that can spot the main experts in your field based on some details provided by you.

However, you shouldn’t rely on third parties only, and you can go on this mission yourself. The main features any ideal influencers might have are:

  • He/she constantly creates original content on their channels;
  • He/she has formed a large community with your target audience;
  • He/she tackles issues related to the field of your brand;
  • He/she engages with the audience, by providing advice on different topics related to your product.

Also, many marketing teams are falling into the pitfalls of their own preferences. The ideal influencer campaign should not stick to only one social platform, but should pay attention to all of them. Besides the worldwide known websites like Facebook or Twitter, other channels should get the same chances to prove their worth to you, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and even the obscure yet resourceful Reddit. You never know where the next big marketing hit might come from, so you should cover all the necessary fields.

A useful tip would be to take a look at who your current audience is listening to. Click on their social profiles and gather all the personalities that they are following and there are high chances that these figures will be your next marketing partner.

2.     Create A Connection

Once the Influencer list is over, you can prepare the field for some action. The first step to take in this direction is engaging with them on social media. Follow their activity and make your presence seen with witty comments and interesting additions to their articles. This will spark up a connection between your brand and the influencer which can ultimately lead to a fruitful collaboration.

Other ways to make yourself noticed is to share their content with your own community and tag them in your articles or posts.  There is also nothing wrong with mentioning their social media activities in your posts and articles as examples of good marketing strategies. Bringing up your target influencers’ activity will help you prove your point and nourish the influencer’s trust in you as a serious marketer who has done their research.

3.     Help Me Help You

The Influencer marketing campaign shouldn’t be looked at as one-sided. Both parties may enjoy great benefits from collaboration as their joined forces can create a stronger impact in your common field. So, after you expressed your interest within the social media channels, you can further your communication with them on the more private grounds of chats or e-mails. There you can discuss openly how you can help each other create more engagement and bring new leads.

One popular and safe practice between marketer and influencer is reviewing the product itself. You can openly suggest sending your influencers a free sample of your product or even a 100% discount on your digital goods. In exchange for this freebie, you can ask for their objective opinion which they can post on their profiles.

The beauty of this method is that the influencer is encouraged to share their professional impression with their community without the manipulation of huge financial gains. This way, their review will be authentic and will lack the unwanted biased opinions that drive prospective clients away. The consumers can notice very well when the review is honest, and they will appreciate the minor disadvantages that come with the truth. Thus, if your brand is honest, they will make time for it, and you can find out more on the Internet how you can obtain their fresh insights to provide better services.

4.     Collaboration Instead of Demands

When the influencers accept to join your marketing campaign and share a post about your product on their channels, it is the beginning of a collaboration which should be treated as such. Some marketing teams are considering more their expertise and tend to ignore the input of the influencers. However, the ingredient that makes the influencers’ content so shareable is authenticity. Taking that away in favor of SEO or other marketing strategies will provide the audience with a disruptive experience.

Be flexible in your communication with your target influencer. Give your partner the freedom to make adjustments to the promotional content, so they can leave a noticeable mark behind.

5.     Create Campaigns Both for Clients and Influencers

By having an already established social circle of influencers, your campaigns should be as shareable as possible. The influencers are not just sticking to their content, but they are also talking about related events outside their work. This means that any campaign of yours has the capability to attract the sharing frenzy in an organic and natural way.

So, make sure you tackle the campaign from a fresh and original point of view. It should bring a crazy or insightful addition in your domain, which makes the campaign a topic of discussion for the influencers.

So, these are the main steps to take in pursuing a quality influencer marketing campaign. Don’t forget that influencers are more people oriented and less of a business fan, which makes way to an abundance of creative ideas. Connect with them as naturally as possible, and show your respect for their work, which are common sense things for the beginning of any relationship.

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Thea Millard is a Market Data Specialist and a proud Editor at Happy Customers Review. She is a logic-driven person and has long been fascinated by numbers and the multiple facets of marketing.
  • markarmstrong

    Great read. I especially liked your tip about allowing your partner (the influencer) the freedom to make adjustments to your content, so they can leave a noticeable mark behind. Good psychology, very wise. Thanks, Thea.


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